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Stomach Pouch and How to Lose it During and After Pregnancy

Stomach Pouch and How to Lose it During and After Pregnancy

“I have already given birth, why do I still look pregnant”?

Does this question sound familiar to you?  Or have you asked the same question to yourself?

After giving birth, many mothers are anxious about their bodies.  When can I get back to my former size? Can anyone answer when and how to lose stomach pouch during pregnancy? The realistic answer? It just doesn’t happen overnight. It will take a lot of patience and effort. It took nine months for your belly, and your body to grow to accommodate your loving baby and going back as to where you started will definitely take much time, too. If there are those who can wear the same jeans they have before pregnancy, that’s almost an exception to the rule and not the norm. Well, that’s how blessed they are! But worry not, with effort and perseverance, you can bounce back to that beautiful body. 

When will my postpartum belly shrink?

Your tummy can be compared to a balloon that slowly inflates as the baby on your tummy grows. Once you give birth, the balloon does not flop, it will slowly shrink to its previous size. Although you didn’t feel like it, it slowly reducing in size. This is because of the following:

  1. After birth, hormonal changes in a woman’s body can cause the tummy to decrease in size. It starts contracting to its original size four weeks after giving birth.
  2. Cells that swell during pregnancy will begin releasing fluids through urine, vaginal discharge, and sweat. Fats that build up to nourish your baby in the tummy will start to burn, especially during exercise and breastfeeding. You may count at least a month before seeing visible results.

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However, the speed and degree of losing post-natal belly pouch depend on some factors.

  1. Your shape and size before you conceive.
  2. How much weight you gained during pregnancy. If you gained less than 13.6 kilos, it’s easier for you to shed off pounds.
  3. How active you are during pregnancy. Doing physical activities like exercise can help in getting fit while pregnant and will mean lower belly fat during pregnancy. 
  4. If you are breastfeeding.
  5. Your genes.

Tips to lose postpartum belly


Breastfeeding is beneficial to both mommies and babies. Aside from giving babies natural milk that is loaded with nutrients that they need, it helps mothers to get back in shape faster than those who do not breastfeed. Study shows that nursing your baby can help you lose about 500 calories per day! This is one of the most effective ways of how to lose belly fat after pregnancy.


Well, this could not be excluded from the list. As soon as your OB-gyne gives you a go, you can set exercise routines that you can do every day. It can start about six to eight weeks after childbirth. You can do basic exercises like walking, cycling, and swimming in the beginning. Consult your medical provider and ask experts on what sets of post-pregnancy belly exercises and work-out plans that are safe and effective for you. 

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Take frequent but small meals

Most households practice a three-meal a day routine. After pregnancy, you can take five to six meals. But be sure that it is smaller than your usual meal.

Shun away from processed foods

Avoid junk food and processed foods and opt for a healthy and balanced diet. Most junk foods provide only empty calories and no nutritional value. If you are craving for those junk foods, you can munch on mixed seeds and nuts, salads, natural juices, and smoothies. Choose wheat bread over white bread and other baked treats. You can also include fiber-rich food in your diets such as oats, beans, grains, and lentils.  There are many healthy and yet delicious recipes that you can choose from.

Keep the body hydrated

Experts say that we sometimes mistake thirst as hunger, making us crave for unnecessary snacks. Drinking a lot of water does not only flush out toxins, but it also makes you feel full. Drinking warm water also boosts metabolic process. You can also drink water half an hour before a meal to reduce hunger.

Avoid sweets

Refrain from food with artificial sweeteners such as candies, chocolates, and cookies. You can eat raisins or dates if you are craving for sweets since it contains natural sugar. Opt for water over carbonated sugary drinks. It quenches thirst better and is healthier.

Wear those belly belt

Wrapping the stomach after giving birth can help to prevent bulges. Maternity belts do not only give the much-needed support on the back, it helps the uterus to go back in shape thus reducing belly size.

Post-Partum massage

Once the stitches have healed, postnatal massage can help reduce belly fat and speeds up metabolism. It can even hydrate the skin to avoid sagging. This is effective after pregnancy belly skin tightening method and get rid of loose skin. 

Keep stress at bay

Motherhood gives a very busy schedule and new sets of responsibilities. Maintain a positive attitude and always be happy. Stress can make the body release the stress hormone cortisol, a hormone that caused tiredness and hunger that can later lead to weight gain. If possible, try to get enough sleep for the body to regenerate and burn calories.

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You can keep a daily chart, considering your baby’s sleeping patterns so as you can set realistic goals and allocate tasks for the day to avoid cramming that can also lead to stress.

A Recap

Doing these tips on how to lose stomach pouch after pregnancy is no easy task. But with the right attitude and proper motivation, this is possible. Always remember that it is both beneficial to you and your baby. A fit and leaner figure can help you move and perform tasks with ease. Motherhood can be very busy and mommies should also be physically prepared for this.

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