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Can I Control My Kids Digital Devices

It is freaking how a kid can build her\his own world with high walls to prevent others from snooping around. The expression might seem to exaggerate, but it is true in the digital world. Kids have access to all the websites and applications if kids have their digital devices in possession.

Nowadays, it is a must to buy your kid a phone or Digital devices through which she\he can surf the net, chat with friends or watch videos. You cannot prevent her\him from having access to this world because that would be unfair.

Being Present

control kids digital lives Being Present
Control kids (Digital Devices) Being Present

Many parents have been looking for solutions to limit the usage of the kids of their technological devices but in vain. Many parents tried controls on the kids’ devices, special boxes that control the houses’ Wi-Fi and other tricks. They are either too tricky to install or easy for the kids to hack, especially that everything is provided on YouTube.

A lot of parents have struggled to figure out a way to this situation, but each time they feel they are close to finding a clue they are frustrated by the negative outcome.

Monitoring Your Kids & Digital Devices

how to control kids digital lives Monitoring Your Kids Tech
How To Control kids (Digital Devices) Monitoring Your Kids Tech

Google has been working on this problem for a long time ago. The company invented an application called Family Link. It is now only under the test period and I will provide you later with the date of its release. This App is installed on the parents’ phones and gives them access to regulate their kids’ digital devices. It allows parents to program a daily bedtime so that kids have no access to the internet after a certain time and waking time.

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Monitoring Digital Devices: Strengthen The Connection

Strengthen the connection
Strengthen The Connection

Parents can allow an App to be installed or not be so as they like according to what they see as safe. They can also see how much time a kid has spent in an app or what websites they have been surfing. Statistics made by Google show that Pokémon Go has got the highest rate and YouTube kids come second. This way you can control your kids’ digital world and never give the chance to hacking Apps to fool you around because it is well secured.

Set The Time And Place

Set the time and place
Set The Time And Place

Family Link provides you also with the option of knowing the location of your kids if you turn on the GPS function. This is how you know whether your kid is in the kitchen or in the garden. If it is their homework time, just lock their devices and they will understand what you mean. The App relieves parents from the obsession of what their kids are doing. It is their right, especially that we see the huge amount of sexual harassment and other dangers related to the Internet. This App makes parents feel that everything is under control.

Monitoring Digital Devices: Set Ground Rules

Set ground rules
Set Ground Rules

This App will be released in public for all this fall, and Google is inviting you to be a part of this experience, an experience of a cleaner world of internet. But you can only use this App if you have an Android phone with Android Nougat 7.0 or higher. In case you do not have an Android device, Google does not intend to make a version of the App for iPhone users.

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