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Cool Kiddie Drinks: Hot Weather Cocktails for Kids?

As parents, we want nothing but the best for our kids. Whether it is their personal belongings, their health, the food they eat, and also their favorite drinks, we want to make sure that we give them the highest quality that they deserve.

During summer, a thirst quencher is a great way to keep your little ones refreshed and active. As much as they love to eat and play, they also want to feel cool and refreshed. Try these hot weather cocktails for kids. These recipes are easy and simple to make. You can try them all. Also, you can mix and match if you want to, to create your signature kid-friendly cocktail that your kids will surely love.

Pink grapefruit cooler

First on the list of our hot weather cocktails for kids is the pink grapefruit cooler. This drink is a crowd-pleasing and refreshing cooler and does not contain any alcohol. This will bring the needed relief to quench your kid’s thirst.

Pineapple orange martini

Pineapple Orange Martini is full of delicious and tropical flavors. Orange, pineapple, cilantro, and honey make one of the most mouthwatering drinks. Your kids will beg for more of this! You can make one for yourself too.

Sparkling strawberry lemonade

This refreshing summer drink is one of the best addition to our hot weather cocktails for kids. It has a sweet, bubbly, tangy, and refreshing taste. Take note, it is inexpensive, plus it is easy to make. You can try this more often at home. It’s pretty and sparkly, perfect for hot summer days. It is the absolute perfect thirst quencher for the whole family.

Cucumber and grape punch

Hot weather cocktails for kids list will never be complete without cucumber and grape punch refreshing drinks. This one is made with healthy cucumber, lemonade, and grape juice. Trust me; this drink is one of the kid’s favorite because it is yummy and punchy to serve. This drink is extremely refreshing, cool, and perfect for hot weather.

Chocolate and coconut cocktail

Your kids are going to beg for the rich chocolate and coconut taste in this drink. A perfect blend of chocolate ice-cream, coconut cream, and chocolate syrup transformed into a refreshing and kid-friendly cocktail. This drink is a perfect way to quench thirst on a sweet note.

Citrus passion cocktail

Stay fresh these summer days with this refreshing combination of lemon juice, fashion fruit, mango, and orange juice. This drink is a wonderful companion for your family bonding. Kids are not the only ones who will get hook on this cocktail, but your whole family as well.

Lavender lemonade

Who wouldn’t love a fragrant, delicious, and refreshing drink? Lavender lemonade, a combination of lavender and lemon juice, is a great drink to add on the list of hot weather cocktails for kids. Aside from that, this drink is also perfect for any occasion like a birthday party, baby shower party, summer getaway, and even family gatherings. The purple color adds an extra kick to this drink. Such an eye-catching sip to bring to any occasion! 

Mint and apple cooler

Ever underestimate the happiness that mint and apple cooler can bring. This drink is a simple combination of apple juice, mint leaves, lime, and lemon. This is quick and simple to prepare. It can be a great substitute for your usual juice drinks. It can bring a refreshing day for your kids because of its fresh, tangy, and fruity flavor. Forget the hot summer days with this mint and apple cooler.

Vanilla choco cocktail

Vanilla choco cocktail can make our list of hot weather cocktails for kids special. Milk chocolate and vanilla are both children’s favorite, so what more can they ask for with this drink? This cocktail is a perfect combination of vanilla syrup, milk, and milk chocolate and bar. It has a delicious, creamy, sweet, and smooth taste with a little kick.

Cran dandy cooler

Make sure that this summer, you will try this cran dandy cooler. It is easy to know why this drink is such a hit with kids and kids at heart. This is such a perfect combination of cranberry, orange, pineapple, lemon, cherry, and ginger ale with a little addition of mint leaves. Perfect for sweltering summer days!

Lemonade recipe

Since kids are enjoying lemonade, then lemonade recipe is a good selection to make for hot weather cocktails for kids. This one is a combination of sugar, water, and real lemons. This is an easy process to make. So go and grab your lemonade and create a lemonade recipe for your kids now.

Watermelon smoothie

Summer can be more refreshing with this healthy and mouthwatering smoothie. It has a thick and creamy texture that kids will surely love. Sitting on the porch will eating this smoothie with your kids make a great bonding for your family. Try this light and refreshing summer recipe for your kids.

Watermelon lemonade

This drink may look amazing, but believe me, it is very super simple and not complicated to make. This one is the best drink for kid’s parties and also a great choice for summer drinks. You should add this one to the list of hot weather cocktails for kids. This is irresistible and can be your new favorite drink. What a perfect combination of watermelon and lemon!

Really easy lemonade

From the name itself, this one is really simple and easy to make. Really easy lemonade is a simple classic drink, perfect for everyone on summer days. Using your fresh lemon juice and syrup, you can create your own summer juice drink. Kids will enjoy this refreshing drink.

Pink lemonade

If you are looking for an easy to make hot weather cocktails for kids, pink lemonade can be a great option for you. It will surely satiate your kid’s thirst. This is a wonderful and refreshing drink, a great combination of raspberries and homemade lemonade. It has a tangy flavor with a vivid pink color.

Citrus peach cooler

This refreshing drink is perfect for the kid’s bonding and playtime and a summer garden bonding. This is made up of lemon, lime, peach nectar, a few slices of strawberry and mint sprigs. Rest assured that even the adults will love this too.

You can make your kid’s summer extra special with these hot weather cocktails for kids. You can never go wrong with these cocktails in making them refresh and cool for the whole summer. Summer or parties, these drinks can be an excellent option for you. They will love the festive looks and taste of these recipes. Happy summer!

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