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Easy Ways on How to Make a Tent for Kids

Kids need space to build their castle. They need a place where they can accomplish their fantasies. Kids are so enchanted by tent, teepe, and canopy. Applying a simple effort can make your kids happy. Providing them a wonderful tent for reading and exploring. 

Kids love tents for many reasons. They’ll come running inside crawling and letting their imagination run wild. They don’t mind if it is a rustic tent or a stylish canopy. The advantage of a tent or canopy is that you can create your style that fits your size and it is cost-effective. There are a large number of easy ways on how to make a tent for kids.  

Here are some of the easy ways of how to make a tent for kids:

1. The Outdoor Tent

Many of us preferred to go outside especially when the weather’s nice. Moms love seeing their kids spending some time in the fresh air outdoor. It gives them an idea of making a tent, protecting their kids from the direct heat of the sun and a good place for picnics.

2. Reading Nook Tent

A tent with a box of kiddy books and full of shimmering lights is a perfect space for your cute reader. Kids would love to have one of these tents. 

3. The Hula Hoop Tent

This tent doesn’t require sewing and these are the cutest type among all tents. The materials needed for this tent are a twine, hula hoop, sheet, some ribbon and safety pins.

 4. The Embroidery Hoop Canopy

Laying under a translucent and idealistic canopy can make any little girl loving going to bed. This is perfect for a queen! This will surely surprise you because it is very cheap and very simple to make. It is an alternative way to clean up the room of your lovely little girl.

 5. The Fold-Up Tents

The biggest inconvenience to tents is that most of them are bulky and takes time to dismantle. Fold up tents are perfect! These tents can be quickly set up, handily to transport and effortless to store. They are not that big for adults, but perfectly designed for kids. 

6. The Bed Tent

This uncomplicated idea will add personality to your kid’s room. Kids will become more comfortable with their bed while having the feeling of camping. 

Both adults and kids can learn how to make a tent for kids while having real fun.  During gathering or storytime, tents are fun for playing house. Tents create quiet spaces for hideaway, meditation spaces and make great reading nooks. Making a temporary or a permanent tent depends on the time and availabilities of the supply.

7. Creating a classic fort-tent

At the end of the day, you’ll need to take down this tent. Together drag the pieces of furniture. Outside with the pillows weigh down the sheets and throw the fabric over the top of the large sheet. Let the seats on the outside hang down then throw the sheet over the top if you place the chairs outward. Rests on the seat of the chairs then place the pillows on the top of the sheet. In attaching one sheet to another use binder clips for a bigger tent. 

8. The use of fabric and a String

Between two sturdy points is a string that should be tightened for a simple tent. To create a simple setup tent throw a sheet over it in an a-frame. After adding some pillows you’re good to go. 

9. Making a tent out of a table 

Get some tablecloths that run to the floor. To create the tent throw the tablecloth over the table. Duck under the edge of the table to get enter into the tent. Clip the edge up or pin it if you want a more permanent door. Cut the fabric slightly bigger than the tabletop and create your tent-tablecloth. Leave a slit on one side by sewing a skirt around the table. To make it longlasting use a fabric such as fleece that doesn’t fray.

Kids like to have a place for hideout and adventure. Here are some easy tutorials on how to make a tent for kids with detailed instructions. It will give you detailed ideas in making A-frame tent, Collapsible fabric, reading canopy, and ruffled teepe.

  • The Hand Painted Tent Cover- Homemade stamps from foam sheets and fabric stores are where the cotton canvas was purchased.
  • A-Frame step by step tent – You can have a guide in creating this A-frame tent, such a perfect way of providing some hideouts for both kids and adults.
  • Summer Fort- This summer fort idea will surely make your kids entertained. This is an innovative creation to bring the kids outside while exercising their imaginations. 
  • The land of Nod- You can be practical and lower the cost of creating a tent out from wooden dowels and duck cloth, your version of Land of Nod tent.
  • Fabric Play collapsible tent- Designed from wooden boards 1 x 2 and the wooden dowels, great to store if not used.
  • Reading Canopy- Made from 108 x 54 pieces of silk, this circular quilting hoop is the main feature in making this reading canopy tent.

Tents are also used as a shelter for outdoor activities, hiking and camping as well. While the bigger ones can be a temporary shelter for circuses, wedding ceremonies and other purposes like military personnel, for people who are homeless or the refugees (lost their houses through disasters/wars). 

Tents are fun not just for kids but also for adults. Your kids can stay here as they gather around and have some storytime. A place can be good for meditation or simple hideout. Depending on your time and resource you may build is a temporary tent or can be a permanent one. So, in one way or another, it is vital to have an idea of how to make a tent for kids. 

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