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The Early Confirmation Of An Intrauterine Pregnancy

It is quite true that intrauterine pregnancy is diagnosed primarily by a positive pregnancy test and a demonstration of intrauterine pregnancy.

Although serum beta hCG is unavoidable from the 23rd day of gestation which is 9 days after ovulation, it barely suggests that it should be there a pregnancy.

Ultrasound examination is necessary to confirm the progress of the pregnancy. previously; an intrauterine gestational cyst can be seen with a transvaginal study; ranging from 4 to 5 weeks of pregnancy.

Sometimes the problems of early pregnancy create frustration when not sure of the point of pregnancy; which leads to further research and interventions. In this case, practitioners greatly increase the need for patient care, as well as prices.

Intrauterine Pregnancy: The Role Of Ultrasound


A transvaginal scan is able to detect an intrauterine pregnancy gestational sac at about 4 or 5 weeks; an embryo at 5 weeks and fetal heartbeat at around 5 or 6 weeks of gestation at the earliest.

During pregnancy, when the beta-HCG serum ranges from 500 to 1500 Miu /ml and the absence of intrauterine pregnancy bags with these levels of β-hCG in the serum causes an ectopic pregnancy or complete abortion.

Thus, an empty uterus with a positive urine pregnancy test can also be a consequence of premature pregnancy; which requires repeated ultrasound examinations.

In some cases of ectopic pregnancy; a pseudo sac might give a wrong impression of an occurring intrauterine pregnancy.

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The Role Of Serum Beta-HCG

HCG demonstrating

Mostly, in addition to that; it could be in the detected cases of intrauterine pregnancy; the levels of serum beta-hCG are checked with an interval of 48 hours to set the doubling time.

In the next intrauterine pregnancy, serum β-hCG doubles in less than 48 hours; but ectopic pregnancy requires more than 48 hours.

However, 15% of normal pregnancies may have an abnormal elevation of HCG, and in the case of pregnancy in the uterus; the level of beta-HCG in serum may be unsolved.

It is also not useful to distinguish between the uterus and ectopic pregnancy.

Early Confirmation Is Crucial

Expectations and advances in medicine, and, to a certain extent, laparoscopic treatment of ectopic pregnancy; make early diagnosis more important.

Approval of early preterm pregnancy can often prevent confusion, minor research; and early pregnancy interventions.

This can actually reduce patient problems associated with uncertainty about the diagnosis, research, and interventions.

The Trophoblastic Lacunae (The Earliest Vascular Change)

Therefore, during the early development of the chorionic break; Which actually develops from the spiral artery on day 9; however, as the vacuole opens to trophoblastic syncytia.

The uterine blood flow begins on the 21st; and the center begins to hit the 22nd, which leads to an intrauterine pregnancy.

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Hypothesis: Detecting The Trophoblastic Lacunae By Color Doppler

color doppler

However, in the placental process, it looks like a person. These color Doppler images and color Doppler energy are very clear; they visualize the blood vessels of the uterine placenta; The flow in the interval space – 20 days of pregnancy or early recognition of abnormal, normal and small intrauterine pregnancy.

Color is greater than the diagnostic sensitivity of transvaginal ultrasound for ectopic pregnancy.

Color Doppler: make sure that the 9-day embryo already has a trophoblastic tear gland in the uterus in the manifestation of serum beta-HCG.

This comes from beta serum in the pool; showing that HCG levels may provide the presence of an intrauterine pregnancy.

Testing The Hypothesis

Color Doppler identifies established the placental blood flow of the uterus; for the early detection of early and normal and abnormal intrauterine and ectopic pregnancy; at the point of exit within a spiral and in my poster characteristic velocity of the flow.

Then the spiral artery of the lacrimal gland checks the blood at the end of the artery; on the surface of the endometrium with the use of color Doppler or known as the tear of the trophoblast.

This is established as the exact date of embryo transfer. In the case of in vitro fertilization can be put to the test!

Basically, the early pregnancy period is about 4 to 5 weeks, which can be determined by clinical practice.

Given the large differences in the actual effectiveness of intrauterine pregnancy; The diagnosis is often delayed not only for women and gynecologists involved in its management but also to improve the overall cost of treatment.

The repetition of inpatient care and examinations; which sometimes repeat useful interventions; prolongs the hospital stay.

To Sum Up:

Color Doppler, can be a hope that this is the result; and one of the tools to investigate early pregnancy problems.

If this is a positive result; to know whether there is an early stage of the embryonic trophoblastic lacrimal duct; then in the treatment of early pregnancy problems do not reach the level of intrauterine pregnancy.

The development of uterine placental circulation is observed quite soon.

Do you think this is a terrible problem; or can you handle it? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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