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The Abortion Pill Reversal: Everything You Need To Know

Women often change their decisions regarding unplanned pregnancy, and interrupted after administration of the first drug in the process of abortion.

For some women who have an abortion; it is possible to make a medical safe choice to change the effect of Mifepristone and try to save the baby.

The process of converting the pill from abortion can only happen after the first dose of medical abortion mifepristone / RU-486. It is administered orally and does not work after the second set of misoprostol tablets.

This will happen; So there is an idea that medical abortion cannot work because abortion itself is a controversial topic.

The process of reversal of abortion pills involves high doses of progesterone taken by the system of pregnant women.

This is due to the fact that mifepristone normally prevents aspiration of progesterone through the uterus.

A dose of progesterone may be better for the available binding space; as mifepristone actually blocks where progesterone can; of course, be consumed.

The American Association of professional obstetrics and gynecology claims that this procedure is safe and healthy and much more effective than waiting to see what happens without a second drug that misoprostol Tests.

AAPLOG actually supports efforts to ensure that all women who come to abortion; have information abortion pills as part of informed consent before an abortion.

What Is The Abortion Process?

What Is The Process Of A Medical Abortion?

There are two drugs that you can take during normal abortion.

You will get a second label of the drug; Which is a proprietary drug that may be the cause of the reduction; and the fetus and placenta will be released. Then the abortion takes place.

The ferry port prevents the woman’s womb from taking all the necessary progesterone; for pregnancy and the baby is growing up.

The absence of this progesterone can not be the cause of endometriosis; which was created in order for the pregnancy to begin to be interrupted.

Primacy also loosens the cervix; so if the cervix is not strong enough, it causes a lot of serious problems for pregnancy. 

The second stage of medical abortion is about 2 days later; when you take various medications called MIZO pistol or Cytotec.

This procedure is usually completed within 24-48 hours after taking the second drug through contractions that help give birth to the child.

The change does not work well after taking a dose of miso.

After a week or two, to make sure that the abortion is completed; The woman will return to the clinic for further observation, if it is, surgically Possible to have an abortion.

The Abortion System

How Does The Abortion Pill Reversal Procedure Function?

Within 0-72 hours after taking mifepristone, progesterone may be prescribed to compensate for the effects of mifepristone. Most effective in the first 24 hours

Mifepristone binds to the placenta and progesterone receptors in the uterus, and then blocks The Binding of progesterone. This prevents the proper action of progesterone on the fetus.

Is This Method Effective?

The abortion group says it has a 55% chance of continuing the pregnancy for at least the first 24 hours. There is only very little scientific research to support this proportion.

This information comes from comments provided by doctors and nurses who are working on this procedure.

Several researchers consider it necessary to encourage this percentage on a larger scale.

Would Progesterone Be Considered Safe?

Would Progesterone Be Considered Safe?

Progesterone is usually helpful for decades of pregnancy and has no side effects. Patients at high risk of abortion during pregnancy are often using progesterone treatment without problems during the first trimester.

Natural progesterone is also helpful for fertilization in vitro pregnancy without any harmful effects.

Like other hormones, there are certain risks, but since progesterone is so tolerated, there is no reason to classify the procedure as dangerous.

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Do Any Organizations Support This Procedure?

Does Any Organizations Support This Procedure?

Thus, the American Association of obstetrics and gynecology Pro-life actually supports this process and expressed three important things in its public statement on the abolition of abortion pills.

  • Progesterone is safe to use during pregnancy for decades and has no side effects.
  • For newborns who have survived mifepristone, there are no signs of drug-related birth defects.
  • The effectiveness of the spread, which on average is 55%, higher than the seat alone and waiting for ongoing pregnancy.

Some organizations did not support the procedure and believe that they were potentially dangerous. Despite this, there is not enough negative data to confirm that a dose of natural progesterone in the early stages of pregnancy can actually cause the consequences of any defects.

Organizations Do Not Support The APR


Some organizations, such as NARAL Pro-Choice America, Planned Parenthood, the American Association of obstetricians and gynecologists, do not want to use the reverse procedure.

Concerns Of These Organisations:

The success factor for the resin comes from a small study that is very similar to mifepristone treatment without progesterone.

They also believe that providing a reverse procedure impairs the ability of women to make their own choices, perhaps noting that women should not have considered this sufficiently.

An optional way to get out or another need.

In fact, treatment with progesterone, if not adequately applied, can damage some of the body’s major systems, such as the nervous system, cardiovascular system, and endocrine system.

When medical procedures are performed, it is important that the doctor does not forget to inform the patient, the procedure can be permanent.

Thus, since this is a medical procedure, abortion education should include options for reversal. To maintain your prenatal care with a series of pills, or find a doctor who performs a progesterone and reversal procedure.

How To Reverse An Abortion?

If you require an abortion, they will contact you with a doctor who will help you. Although it is not possible to take 100% progesterone to support pregnancy, progesterone will not be harmful.

Thus, the process does not interfere with pregnancy, but there are usually no additional negative side effects of progesterone on your body.

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