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Sex During Pregnancy: Everything You Need To Know About It

While your belly grows bigger, women may find that some positions are more convenient for you. Openly talking about sex can help both partners to enjoy it during pregnancy.

Continue reading; we will be talking about some sexual tips to follow during pregnancy.

Also, we will discuss when sex should be avoided and how it can change between the trimesters.

Is It Really Safe To Have Sex During Pregnancy?

During a typical and simple pregnancy, sex does not always harm the Baby.

The Baby is completely protected by strong uterus muscles, a drop of mucus on the cervix and amniotic fluid.

Some believe that sexual activity or orgasm may injure the Baby, or increase the possibility of abortion or trigger premature labor.

But actually, the truth is none of these things are true.

Sexual Intercourse During propagation

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Vaginal sex during pregnancy is not associated with an increased risk for preterm birth.

Many studies said that sexual intercourse during pregnancy is not associated with preterm birth or an increased risk of preterm birth.

However, if a doctor believes that there might be a high risk to someone, He will recommend avoiding sex during pregnancy.

Braxton Hicks are a slight contraction that you feel at the end of pregnancy.

However, since these contractions do not indicate or trigger labor, you should not worry about them.

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Best Position

When the pregnant woman is lying on her back, the baby’s weight can put additional pressure on her internal organs and the main arteries.

For comfortable positions for a pregnant woman, you can try to sit on the top of your partner, or lay down side by side on the bed and so on.

When To Avoid Sex

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The doctor may advise women to avoid sexual intercourse during pregnancy in case they have experienced the following:

  • Cervix problems that can increase the possibility of miscarriage and premature birth
  • Pregnancy with twins
  • Placenta Previa that covers the entrance to the cervix partially or completely
  • Cervical dysfunction, the early Opening of the cervix
  • Preterm birth history
  • Significant blood loss or unexplained bleeding from the vagina
  • Amniotic fluid leak
  • Water has broken and increases the risk of infection

It is essential for pregnant women to protect themselves and their Baby from sexually transmitted diseases. This implies the use of barrier contraception such as condoms and dental dams during every single sexual activity they are having.

The Influences Of Pregnancy On The Sex Drive

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Pregnancy affects the sexual drive of people in different ways, and there is no typical response.

Improved hormones and increased blood circulation of genitals can increase a person s sexuality, especially in the middle of pregnancy.

Many people may go through and experience decreased libido due to hormonal fluctuations, reduced body comfort, and reduced energy level or physical pain.

Pregnancy also affects the sexual Desire of the Partner during pregnancy. Changes in body shape, such as breast enlargement, can increase the attraction between the couple.To make sure that both partners feel comfortable, it is essential to be open about Sex.

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