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Everything you Need for Your Baby’s First Birthday that is Fun and Exciting

First, we would like to congratulate both of you for surviving the first year together! Those first few months were stressful for sure. Whether you’re prepping an intimate gathering of family, friends, and relatives or an all-out children’s party bash, your baby’s first birthday celebration will always be bound to be special! – at least for you and all the invited loved ones in his life!

A baby’s first birthday party isn’t really for your them to spend as your baby just has a short amount of attention span and besides, they won’t remember it anyway. But it is a time to enjoy and be filled with happiness as it is a way for both of you to congratulate yourself on surviving parenthood. So, planning a baby’s first birthday party might be bittersweet, as it may be exciting and at the same time stressful. Without the necessary knowledge and know-how, your planning can turn from best to worst. For this reason, it is important to know how to really plan your baby’s first birthday. After all, your baby is special, and make their birthday more special is inevitable! 

Things to consider for baby’s birthday 

There are a lot of factors that parents must know for their child, such as baby’s first birthday ideas and planning a first birthday party checklist. Check on these factors and tips. 

Always know your budget 

It all depends on what party are you trying to have, it’s all up to the parents. The budget is the most influential thing to have when organizing a birthday party. Always keep in mind that the food will be the main part that will cost a lot, preceded by decorations, cakes, and other miscellaneous stuff. Don’t forget to have some extra cash, you never know when it comes in handy. Sometimes, you don’t need all the money in the world to put out lavish and extravagant birthday parties. As long as you celebrate it with your whole family and loved ones, the thought will always count. Don’t get pressured to spend more than what you are earning, simple is perfect. 

Venue or place to celebrate

For people wanting it to be practical, the 1st birthday party at home will always be the easiest choice and it is the place where your baby will feel that they are secured. And in some cases, if your home is too small for the number of guests that you invited, there are some affordable restaurants, convention halls that are cheap enough for you and can accommodate higher numbers of people. Picking your home means that the amount you have to spend will be smaller and can allocate those in some areas of the event. And if you are willing to spend more, be sure to select the perfect venue for everyone to enjoy and have fun!


Having to spend the party on weekdays may be inconvenient for everyone. Most parents and kids have schools and work to do. The best choice is to schedule the party during weekends, it the day where everyone is available. And consider always to schedule the event after nap times, to avoid grumpy and irritated birthday celebrant. Also consider parties to be short, about 2-3 hours as it may well be very overwhelming to infants and toddlers. 

Guests or Invitees

There are no parties if there aren’t no guests. You have to decide whether how many people to invite. And it all depends on the amount you are willing to spend for the birthday party. If you have a lot to spend, then invite everyone. It will always be fun to invite parents with kids to lighten up the event. In some cases, if you are on a tight budget, it won’t hurt inviting a few ones. Having a low number of guests sometimes makes the event smoother sailing and solemn.


It is easy to get away with lots of themes out there. Your baby won’t mind on what theme you are going to pick. But for me personally, choose the themes wherein it sparks color and cartoonish style in the area. As it is a sight to behold for your baby. And be reminded that this will all come to play within your budget. Sometimes, a simple themed party will do.


Keep food simple, the majority of the guest is likely to be toddlers. Some of it will probably end up on the floor anyway. Finger foods during a children’s party come in handy because eating them won’t require much time and it won’t interrupt their play and socializing anyways. Look for tiny sandwiches with tasty spreads., a hotdog sticks with mallows on it. These picnic foods will almost do the most trick for kids at the party. As to the parents, have a buffet of delicious and appetizing food for them. As for the drinks, it would be wise to have water and some fruit juices for kids to have rather than sodas. And always remember to have a cake, some parent buys separate cakes for smashing and eating. So, If you have the budget, go for it. Reminder that don’t let your baby get too close on the cake as it has candles on it, she might want a hold of it rather than blowing.

Birthday games or activities

1st birthday party activities aren’t for babies as they have a short attention span at this age. However, there might be more kids present that are able to play parlor games. So, have a game or two to keep the fun and entertainment as the party progresses. Besides, party games for first birthdays aren’t for your baby at all, it for all the kids that were there.

Birthday presents or gifts

By this age, your baby will truly appreciate toys that make noise, are colorful or similar to the toys they want. Sometimes, it is never too early to gift them reading books for you to read. There are some educational and stimulating toys that could help your baby’s development. You may want to have gifts in which it would last long for it to be used for longer amounts of time. And if you already have tons of toys in your home, it won’t hurt that baby’s first birthday gifts are clothes! 

Photo booths

To add more excitement, fun, and entertainment. Photo booths are a cheap way to commemorate your baby’s birthday. It will serve as a reminder that they were there on your baby’s first birthday. It is becoming popular in this millennial age of time. With this booth, you can instantly capture a precious moment with your baby and all your loved ones. In just a matter of seconds, you have those pictures at the palm of your hands. 


If you have the money to spend to hire a photographer, then go! It ensures that they are able to capture the big moments, precious snuggles during the party. In this way, you can focus on your child during the party ensuring you will be in one of those photos as well! But if you are on a tight budget, designating a family member will be handy.

Final thoughts

It is easy to plan out and organize for your baby’s first birthday party if you have the necessary resources and support system at your disposal. There still a lot of 1st birthday party ideas that are new and still gaining popularity. Do your research and give your little one a special party to be remembered! 

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