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Cool and Revitalizing 14 Month of May Baby Names

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As the day of giving birth is getting near, parents are already preparing the needs of their babies. It can range from baby clothes, their cribs, their beddings and a lot more. As parents prepare to welcome the entrance of their precious little prince and princesses in the world and in their homes, one of the things that they are pondering about is the name that they will give to their babies.

You can opt for baby names based on the day of birth. As you count the days and the months since the day of conception and your baby’s birth will fall in the month of May, you might be thinking of May baby names that will truly fit your May-born kids. The month of May is associated with springtime, lively colors, of blooming flowers and festivities. That can bring a positive vibe if you give your kids names associated with the month. He or she may adapt to the energy and liveliness that the season brings.

Here’s a list of May baby names you may want to consider for your children.

Name suggestions for May baby boys


Since May is the fifth month of the year, the name Quintus can be fitting to your little boy. This Latin name which directly means “fifth” or “born fifth” is traditionally given to the fifth child in the family but can also suit your May-born son. Quinn and Quincy are the suggested nicknames for Quintus.


Tracing its German roots, the name Ferdinand means “bold voyager.” A famous bearer of the name is the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan who was believed to be the first person to circumnavigate the earth and lead the discovery of different islands and nations. Those who are interested in Shakespearean literature can remember Ferdinand as a young, handsome prince who as shipwrecked on Prosper’s island in “The Tempest.”  A modern touch makes the name Dinand, after a popular Dutch singer.


The name Gabriel is derived from a Hebrew word that means “God is my strength.” Gabriel is also the name of the archangel who proclaimed the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.


A cute baby name that is gaining popularity and considered as one of the most beautiful may baby names is Mason. As sweet-sounding as it is, this masculine name displays strength and diligence as it means “one who works with stone.”  It gives the name a rugged and tough feel. Nicknames for mason can be Mase or Ace. The feminine form of the name includes Maisie or Macy.

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This name sounds so masculine and can be a fitting May baby name for boys. Hawthorn is the birth flower of those who were born in the month of May. This tree blossoms with white or pink flowers during May, thus it is also called May-tree. The hawthorn flower signifies sweetness, motherhood, and hope.


Logan is a Scottish surname and was later used as a given name because of its popularity and stylish sound and appeal. Logan was derived from the name of the place in Scotland that is near Auchinleck in Ayrshire. The name means “small hollow.”  Although the name has its vintage and classic appeals, it also has a modern vibe as it was used in comic books like Wolverine and some video games.


If you want a May baby name that is related to God, this can be a good choice for your little prince. This popular name is a modern take of the name Jeremiah which means “God will exalt.” Jeremiah is also a prophet in the Bible. Tracing its English origin, Jeremy means “appointed by God.”

Best names for a baby girl born in may


Amelia is a variant of the name Amalia. The root word ‘amal’ in German means “work.” The name suggests not only work but also fertility and productivity. Famous Amelia is a children’s book character Amelia Bedelia, Amelia Bones in Harry Potter. Another famous Amelia ai Amelia Earheart and the first female aviator who flew solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She also authored a book that paved the way for the establishment of an organization for female pilots. The name has also its British royal appeal through the daughters of King George II and III.


This elegant name of Latin origin means “yielding to prayer.” It can also mean “beautiful,” in reference to Bella of Beauty and the Beast. With its modern vibe, the name is also a classic as it was used since the 12th century through the granddaughter of William the Lion, King of Scotland that its royal and sophisticated appeal.


A name that has been a favorite for girls for years is Audrey meaning “noble strength.” Audrey is also a protagonist in William Shakespeare’s opus ‘As You Like It.’ It is often associated with beauty and glamour because of the Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn. Another famous Audrey is the French actress Audrey Tautou of the film ‘Amelie’, and ‘The Da Vinci Code.’


In reference to the blooming flowers in the month of May, the name Blossom is a fitting choice. It is of English origin that means “to bloom.” This is the reason why flower names can also be considered as May baby names for girls like Rose, Dahlia, Daisy, and Zinnia among others. Blossom is also a TV sitcom in the early nineties and one of the four Powerpuff Girls.


The name refers to Lily of the valleys, one of the flower months for the month of May. The name might be simple and short but it doesn’t lose its appeal as it is making a comeback as one of the top choices as a baby name for the month of birth. It also reflects purity and innocence. Lily is one of the literary name favorites as it became protagonists of Edith Wharton’s House of Mirth, Lily Owen’s The Secret Life of Bees and the Harry Potter series.


Ivy is a feminine name that is derived from the ivy plant. It came from the Old English word ifig. History tells that ancient Greeks present wreath made of ivy to newlyweds as a symbol of fidelity. It can also imply faithfulness. Famous Ivy is Blue Ivy, the daughter of celebrities Beyonce and Jay-Z. Ivy has also gained prestige with its association with the group of long-established universities, the Ivy League.


Maya is said to be the derivation of the name of the month of May. Maya or Maia is of ancient Greek origin who is regarded as the eldest of the Pleiades and the mother of Hermes. In Māori language, it means “courage” or “bravery.”

On a final note

As parents name their babies from the month when they are born, these baby names can be suitable choices for your babies born in the season of blossoming flowers and springtime. It suggests life, diligence, and productivity. May your May little darlings exude the positive vibe that these May baby names reflect.

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