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Family Date Night Ideas With Your Toddler

Family Date Night Ideas With Your Toddler

For sure, family date nights are one of the most favorite past time for families. Even on a busy schedule, it is good to have time off and spend quality time as a family. However, to new parents who have so many things on their hands for the moment, setting aside time for a family date can be challenging. They have so many things to do because they just recently had a baby in the family. It changes everything with the couple. Before, they can spend quality time any time they want, but now they are caught up with a busy schedule. Their whole world is now revolving around taking care of the new baby and taking care of the house and work. It can be stressful for both parents. They may have no time to relax and breath a little. If they continue it without some pause, it can drain them so bad.

That is the reason why parents should set aside even a little time for the family to have family date nights even with their toddlers. They can make time for it if they want to. It doesn’t need to be a very long time. As long as it’s quality time, it is considered a nice family night date.

In order to help parents set up nice family date nights with your family. Here are 5 recommended family date night ideas with a toddler.  Parents can take ideas and hints from this list and even give it a little twist on their personal preference. 

Here are 5 family date nights ideas with their toddlers:

Karaoke night

This is a good idea for families who love to sing. The nice part is that you don’t even need to go somewhere else, that would take time to prepare. You can use Youtube and search for your favorite karaoke songs. Unlimited songs will be available more than karaoke machines can provide. You are solved! Your toddler may even enjoy it. This can help release some stress especially if you love to sing. Doing something you love will definitely make you happy. What adds more to happiness is when you get to spend it with your loved ones. When you see them enjoying, especially your toddler, you are relieved. 


This one will definitely make your minds at peace and will help you with stress. You can definitely bring your toddler but make sure that he is comfortable, safe and away from mosquitoes. Make sure also that he is properly placed so that he will not cry between your meditating times. This is actually very nice especially when you are surrounded by chaos most of the day. A special night with tranquility and just pure silence and some meditations can give you time to reflect on your life as a family. You can also have small talks with your partner while patting your kid. It is the time when you can talk about some matters. And of course, gaze some stars in the night is a therapy. Just make sure that it has clear skies so you can definitely see the stars.

Dance party

This is a nice way to loosen up. Put on some tunes and dance with the beat with your toddler and partner. They may like it when they hear their favorite songs being played on. This is a fun bonding with your family. Your kids will definitely love it because they love jolly tunes and happenings. 

Picnic at the park

You can pack some lunch and go to the favorite park your family loves. You can enjoy some quality time together by eating some snacks while playing frisbee or flying a kite. This is the time when the family can play around and enjoy the view. They can also see other kids laughing and they can enjoy nature. This is a relaxing family date with your family that you will truly enjoy.

Dine out

This is one of the most common family date night ideas with a toddler. Parents can pick their favorite restaurant and have a nice dinner with their toddler. You can never go wrong with good food and family combined. It can relieve some stress especially if you are eating a favorite dish or comfort food that you craved. This doesn’t have to be an expensive restaurant or place, it can be a budget-friendly place that your family loves. You can enjoy the music if there’s any and enjoy the food most importantly. You can also have some small talks with the family and feed your toddler. 

Actually, there are so many family date night ideas with a toddler that you can think of or research. You can add some personal touch with it if you want. The top 5 on the list above are recommended safe for your toddlers and guarantee fun for the whole family. It doesn’t have to be so expensive or full of effort and time to prepare. What it needs is the quality of the family date that makes the bond of the family stronger. It also helps parents who have their toddlers to relax a bit and get some stress off their shoulders. This is what they really need so they will not be over-fatigued or burned from working. 

So when parents already have an idea in mind about where to spend their family night date, it is best to choose a convenient time when you don’t have to rush immediately. Also, pick a date in which everyone can come and won’t make it hard for them. Also, make it a habit to spend family date nights as frequent as you can, not just once and then you never did it again. Make the family date nights something the family can look forward to. This will definitely make your family bond stronger.

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