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Sweetest Quotes and Sayings for Babies

Sweetest Quotes and Sayings for Babies

Waiting for the arrival of your bundle of joy is exhilarating. Nothing beats this feeling in the course of parenthood, especially for first-timers. You will look for every way to announce, indulge and welcome this new cute and adorable little boy or girl in your family as the due date gets closer. With this, we have compiled a list of sweet and inspirational sweetest quotes and sayings tackling babies that can be perfect for birth announcements, baby showers, and personalized baby gifts. Whether you are about to go in a gender reveal or baby shower party or welcoming your little one of your own, these baby quotes perceive the enchanting beauty of parenthood, pouring cuteness, and the hilarious points in between.

  • “Babies are indeed the bridge to heaven.”
  • “The gem of the sky is the sun shining brightly, the gem of the house is the baby.”
  • “Just like a plant needs light and space to grow, a baby needs love and freedom to unfold.”
  • “Babies are like snowflakes – each one is adorably unique.”
  • “You cannot purchase happiness for happiness is born to this  life.”
  • “I just spent nine months inside mom’s tummy and now, her and dad are already serving a new life.”
  • “A brand new baby boy, to fill our hearts lives and with joy.”
  • “His little hands took my heart,  his little feet ran away with it.”
  • “Arrival of a baby looks like falling in love over and over again, both with your hubby and your little pea.”
  • “Babies bring us a piece of heaven on earth.”
  • “When you’re drawing up your first list of life’s miracles, you might place near the top the first moment your baby smiles at you.” 
  • “All babies need unconditional and lifetime love.” 
  • “God sends us many precious gifts. But there is nothing that can compare to the wonder of our baby, who is the answer to our prayer.” 
  • “When babies look beyond you and giggle, they’re probably seeing angels.” 
  • “A little child, born yesterday,
  • “A thing on mother’s milk and kisses fed.” 
  • “Babies are such a nice way to start people”
  • “A new baby is like the beginning of all things – Wonder, Hope, a dream of possibilities.”
  • “Live so that when your children think of fairness and integrity, they think of you
  • “Babies are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future”
  • “We cannot fashion our babies after our desires, we must have them and love them as God has given them to us.”
  • “So little, so small, so loved by all.”
  • “She is my joy and heart’s delight.” 
  • “A baby is like sunshine and moonbeams. It will brighten your world like never before.”
  • “There is something about being with babies that takes you back to the good old days.”
  • “My baby, you have a fire in your soul and grace in your heart.”
  • “A strong wild baby girl will grow to be a strong independent woman.”
  • “You are my baby and nothing in this world can ever change that, I hope you wouldn’t forget.”
  • “Kiss your baby and snuggle him tight for he will not be little for a lifetime.”
  • “There is something about babies that are just soothing, they are amazingly cute and so awesome.”
  • “Your dream came true. And your very own little one. Your brand-new life as a mother is about to begin. The moment you breathe in that baby smell, you will feel a love so fiercely.”
  • “Tuck me in tight, read me an interesting story. Say you love and cherish me the most, and give me a peck for goodnight.”
  • “Having a bundle of joy is life-changing. It brings you a whole new perspective on why you get up each morning and smiles gratefully.”
  • “A happy baby has sparkling eyes and walks wholeheartedly into the world spreading majestic vibes.”
  • “A baby is a sunshine and moonbeams lighting your world like never before.”
  • “Babies are like rays of sunshine, that majestically, bring joy, warmth, and light into our lives.”
  • “A baby in the house is a perfect perception of minority rule.”
  • “Babies give priceless gifts – life, love, and laughter.”
  • “Two beautiful eyes, one button nose, ten little fingers, and ten little toes. One laugh caused by heart to skip whole.”
  • “Arrival of a new baby is a moment to be happy. One adorable responsibility for you – changing his nappy.”
  • “Our life together has just started, yet you are already a part of me my little retard.”
  • “Every time I count my blessings, I never forget to count you twice my little one.”
  • “So many of my smiles begin as you start giggling.”
  • “A baby is a precious gift. A blessing sent by Almighty God. A precious tiny angel, to adore and to love.”
  • “When a baby arrives, happiness then becomes homemade.”
  • “Babies will hold your hand for a little time but will hold your heart for a lifetime.”
  • “A vast of heaven sent down to earth – baby.”
  • “As babies listen to the whispering of angels, a gentle smile forms on their lips.”
  • “When I first saw you my little one, you melt my heart and took my breath away.”
  • “I do not have the extravagance to give to you my love, but I can suffice you with unconditional love, and lots of kisses and hugs.”
  • “If you grew up knowing just one thing my baby, I hope it is knowing how truly cherished and loved you are.”
  • “I have loved you the moment you were born, and that’s how my belief to love, at first sight, became stronger.”
  • “The genuine innocence of babies is an absolute thing to behold.”
  • “The smell of a newborn baby is endearing and intoxicating.”
  • “To raise our babies well is the best thing we can contribute to society.”
  • “It’s wondrous how babies have their ways of touching the world with so much love.”
  • “I did not imagine how this baby became an answer to a lifelong wish.”
  • “My love, you will always be a little miracle that made my life change and complete.”

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