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Forest Names for Baby Girls

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Soon-to-be parents or already parents are now excited about the upcoming new baby in their family. It is natural that they will start to think of the best and most beautiful name they can give to their little one especially if it’s a little girl. 

Parents who just love nature and the forest landscape may want to incorporate the name of their little one from it. Or if you are not particularly in love with nature and forest, maybe scanning through these suggested names is not a bad idea. Actually, these are carefully picked selection of forest names for baby girls that suit their charming, magical, fresh and nice personality. 

Here are some nicely-picked forest names for baby girls:


If your baby girl is born during the fall, it is nice and timely that you name her Autumn. Autumn is the season of fall and it is widely used in poems. It has this nostalgic and cozy vibe to its name. Even when your baby was not born during the fall, Autumn is a great nature-inspired name. 


Chrysanthe is a unique name for a nature-inspired girl name. It means “flower of gold” or “Marigold” in Greek. It is unique and has a nice meaning too. It is what good name needs. Parents may want to consider this rare yet meaningful name for their little one. 


Jade is a gemstone and that is a nice reflection of how precious your daughter is. This name is simple yet very meaningful. This nature-inspired name fits well with your precious little one.


Hazel is an English word that means “light brown” or the tree. Even Hazel eyes are one of the most beautiful eye colors in humans. And it can also connect to hazelnut coffee which has a very rich and relaxing taste. This name might be famous but the meaning remained the same and beautiful.


There’s the name Rose, and there is a unique form of Primrose. This name means “first rose”. If this is your first daughter, it fits well to her to have this classy and elegant name. It’s a twist in the name Rose and has a very charming vibe to it.  


This American name means “friendly companion”. This native name has two states after it, North and South Dakota. It can be used for a boy’s name as well. But Dakota for a girl is just an amazing name to give. It has this adventurous, chic and charming vibe into it.


This name is from the delicate ivy plant that is known for its beauty and class. As the name suggests, it shows simplicity and beauty. A nice first name for your little precious darling. 


This name comes from the wonder of nature, the coral reef. This reflects the love for parents for the sea. It can also refer to the beautiful coral color. A nice name to give to your little sweetheart.


Maybe parents want their little girl to have two names. Ela is a nice choice for a first name. This name simply means “earth”. It has a simple yet fresh vibe into it. Fits well to be combined with a second name. 


This cute and magical name means “covered by mist”. It is widely used in poems and fits well with an artistic family or parents. It could be a great fit for your little sunshine!

The list of names above is just a few of the nicely-picked nature-inspired and forest names for baby girls. Parents can think about these suggestions and maybe end up picking one of these names. Little ones are very precious to parents and they deserve a well-thought name that they can carry on for life. 

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