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Sporty Baby Names for Your Future Champion

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Some unique baby names include sporty baby names especially when a baby’s parents are diehard fans of sports. Well, fans of sports are really passionate and sport-themed names are being popular nowadays. Sports fans most of the time personalize their license plates or paint their bodies. Names for boys are mostly sports-inspired and there are girl sporty names as well.  

Whether your little prince or princess turns out to be an athlete or a fan of sports like you as well, you can pay tribute to sports with these sporty baby names for your future champ like baseball baby names, basketball-related baby names, and football athlete names. 

Sporty Baby Names List


The name Victoria is the feminine version of the boy name Victor that means “victory” or in the Latin language, “winner”. 


This name is a Polynesian or Hawaiian name for your little MVP that means “winner” or “a victorious man”.


Alistair is a Gaelic name of the Greek name Alexander that means “defender of mankind”. People who bear this name may have great qualities like courage and loyalty.


Andre is a name that can be inspired by the Canadian sprinter, Andre de Grasse, whose name means “manly.” He won both the 100-meter and 200-meter events at the recent 2015 NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships.


One among the cool sporty names for your future champ, Kendra is a Welsh name that means “greatest champion” that is perfect for empowering your little girl. 


Varick is a German name that means “honorable defender”. Your kid may be able to defend his team in the future!


The name Anoln is a Nordic name for a baby boy that means “champion” and is perfect for your someone who is meant to succeed.


The name Sidney is one of the unisex sporty baby names for your future champ which is inspired by the hockey superstar Sidney Crosby and has French origins. 


Victory belongs to your little one with this Indian name that means “victorious”. This name can also be for both boys or girls.


This is a Latin name of “Christian” and is common in the Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian culture. This name is inspired by the best soccer player in the world in the present, Cristiano Ronaldo. 


One of the tough boy names is the Irish name Aindreas that means “strong”. 


This name is inspired by the star tennis player, Venus Williams, who is a strong, talented and a great model. 


The name Ali was inspired by the great American boxer Muhammad Ali. This can also be a unisex name along with the name, Laila, who is also a World Champion boxer and Ali’s daughter.


This name itself means “one” or “unity” and can empower your little one to ace any sport he or she wishes to play. 


This is the name of a Canadian tennis darling and has a meaning of “nobility” or “well-born” perfect for your athletic boy or girl. 


Looking for basketball inspired baby boy names? You can pay tribute to one of the best basketball players, Kobe Bryant, with this name that literally means “strong”. 


This name is a Norse name and came from the words “haela”, meaning “hero”. This name is also inspired by the five-time Olympic medalist Hayley Wickenheiser who was the first Canadian woman to play full-time professional hockey. 


Kaillie Humphries is a female Canadian Olympian who not only defended her Olympic bobsleigh title but she was also the first woman to pilot a mixed-gender team, going head-to-head with boys. This name is a Gaelic name that means “from the forest”.


This is a Scottish name that means “champion”.


A Russian feminine name but can also be unisex that means “defender”.

Basketball? Soccer? Hockey? Whatever sports your little one wants to play, these names can surely empower your little one. Actually, there are still a lot but we can assure you that whatever name you choose, it’s up to your child whether he or she will choose to be an athlete or just a fan. Good luck to your future champion!

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