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The Name Charlotte: What’s the Meaning and Origin?

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If you have an upcoming bundle of joy, you might be looking for the right name and one that is worth checking out is the – Charlotte name: meaning and origin.

What you need to know about the Charlotte name: meaning and origin

Charlotte is the feminine form of the French Charles. It is important to note that the name Charles, is derived from the German masculine name Carl/Karl which means “free man”, thus Charlotte would mean “free woman”.

In the olden times, the German word “karl” simply indicates a “free” man but without nobility. In the later Middle High German, the words had an altered meaning to simply “man”.

The French later established Charlotte as a female equal while the English accepted the name by the 17th century. The usage of the name was later changed by Queen Consort Charlotte of English, the wife of King George III. The name also gained some following which was also the name of the recognized author, Charlotte Bronte.

The name Charlotte continues to be well-loved in the Western world today. It is considered as the most common for babies in Australia, but also one of the top favorites in Canada, Belgium, United States, England, and Scotland. Additionally, it is included in the top 50 list in Netherlands, France and Northern Ireland.

Popularity of Charlotte

Now that you are familiar with the Charlotte name: meaning and origin, let us now take a close look at its popularity.

Charlotte is considered as an old-fashioned name with enduring charm and style. It has been widely used in the United States for over a century, although it lost its popularity between the 70s and 90s.

The popular TV series “Sex and the City” presented a character known as Charlotte York. During the airing of the series, the use of the name multiplied. Aside from its high popularity during the 40s, the beautiful name is experiencing high success at present. When it comes to Charlotte’s name popularity, it started at this point.

For those who find Charlotte too “lady-like”, it is often abbreviated to Charley as opposite to the pet form of Lottie. Generally, you will not go wrong if you will choose Charlotte as a name for your upcoming child. It has French roots, high-class and sophisticated.

Possible characteristics of the name Charlotte

·   Creative

·   Communicative

·   Popular

·   Optimistic

·   Happy

·   Social

·   Dramatic

Famous people named Charlotte

  • Charlotte Bronte. English novelist, author of “Jane Eyre”
  • Charlotte Caffey. Musician, formally with The Go-Go’s.
  • Charlotte “Lottie” Dod. Tennis player
  • Charlotte Rae. Actress
  • Charlotte Rampling. Actress
  • Queen and Princess Charlotte. Several European queens


Charlotte is a minor personality in Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility who is a friend of Miss Dashwoods. Although she appears to be superficial, she is kind and good-hearted, nonetheless.

Charlotte is the barn spider in the classic children’s book by E.B. White in 1952, “Charlotte’s Web.” The book has been a favorite among children since its publication and has been considered as a standard must-read. Both adults and children are captivated by this tale that naturally teaches the truths about life particularly on loyalty, friendship, and even death.

Charlotte is the unhappy mother of the title character known as “Lolita” in the provocative novel by Vladimir Nabokov back in 1955.

Charlotte in Jane Austen’s popular “Pride and Prejudice” novel is the best friend of the main character, Elizabeth Bennett.

Historical figures

Charlotte was the wife of George III of England who lived from 1744 to 1818.

Charlotte Bronte is a recognized author of the classic book “Jane Eyre”. In English literature, her two sisters, Emily and Anne also made large contributions with Wuthering Heights and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.

Final thoughts

When it comes to Charlotte name: meaning and origin, you now have an idea of what the name is all about. 

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