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Sleep Regression: The Best Ways to Deal with 10-Month Old Waking up at Night

Most of the parents are aiming for good sleep for their babies. Some infants are lucky enough to have ten to twelve hours of sleep while some babies keep on waking up at night and having a hard time to develop a good sleep. In this case, you don’t need to worry too much because there is an explanation behind this scenario. This is more likely because of their developmental milestones. To help you handle this situation, here are some of the best ways to deal with 10-month old waking up at night that you should consider.

Reasons for 10-month old sleep regression

Before diving into the ways to deal with 10-month old waking up at night, it is best to know the reasons behind their difficulty in sleeping. Below are the key reasons why your baby is having trouble sleeping:

They have separation anxiety

Are you wondering why 10-month old waking up at night crying? This is maybe because of 10-month old sleep separation anxiety. Since they are beginning to understand the thought of object permanence, which is considered as the source of separation anxiety, letting their parents leave their room can make them experience the fear of being alone, which leads them to have a sleep regression. The baby needs reassurance that you will come back after leaving them. 

They are experiencing physical development

Another reason why 10-month old not sleeping at night is because of the physical development that they are going through. In this stage, your baby is beginning to learn to crawl, sitting, and walking. Since they don’t have enough time to practice these developments, they tend to wiggle and move around during their bedtime. Another thing that you should take note of why they are having a hard time sleeping is maybe because of the social interactions with those people that they are interested in talking with. They are longing for those people’s presence because of the fascination they feel towards them, which then leads to trouble sleeping. 

Best way to deal with 10-month old waking up at night

Dealing with a 10-month old inconsolable crying night might be a little bit difficult, but just like any problem, there are different ways on how to overcome this obstacle course. 

Consistent bedtime hours and routine

This is the best thing that you can do to handle your sleep regression properly. Consistency in bedtime routine is essential for every baby. You have to make sure that your little one finds his sleeping routine soothing. You can read a bedtime story for them or bathing them before going to sleep.

Peaceful sleeping area

Is your 10-month old tossing and turning all night? To help you deal with this matter, the best thing that you can do is to have a peaceful sleeping area for them. Always remember that a peaceful environment is a key to getting a good night’s sleep. During their bedtime, you need to remove all the unnecessary toys and gadgets in their room to settle your baby’s active brain during the night time. You can use dim lights and your soft voice to make them fall asleep. 

Make sure that everything is settled before leaving the room

Before leaving your baby’s sleeping area, you have to make sure that she is settled. This is essential to prevent separation anxiety. You need to ensure a peaceful night for your little one. Don’t leave your baby until she falls asleep. Your presence is what your baby needs to have a good night’s sleep.

Use things with sentimental value

If your baby has a hard time to create a good sleep, you can use different sentimental things. You can opt for a blanket with your signature scent on it or a pillow with your smell. Getting a good night’s sleep could be easier for them once they find the comfort of a very familiar scent and item.

Many parents are afraid of sleep regression in their babies. In this situation, it is best to be knowledgeable about this matter. This list of ways to deal with 10-month old waking up at night might help you in handling this situation.

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