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How To Cope With Sleep Deprivation After Baby

Pregnancy is the most crucial yet exciting stage of life. Although there are several ups and downs in life once you see the innocent face of your new-born, you forget all the stress and pain. The birth of the baby is the biggest happiness of life, but there are several problems that come along with it.

Even though there is a lot of happiness and contentment after a child’s birth but there are several other problems that come along. The biggest problem which most of the new mother’s experience is sleep deprivation which is mainly due to stress, anxiousness, excitement, hormonal imbalance, and post-partum depression.

If you are also experiencing such issues lately then read the article carefully, you’ll find several ways to cope with sleep deprivation after having a baby. Have a look:

Take Small Naps:

Babies often sleep for 20-25 minutes throughout the day before waking up. A mother is obviously sleep deprived due to this sleeping pattern of the baby. If you are struggling with the same issue then here is what you can do. Try to nap along with your kid. Even if it is for 20-25 minutes, try to avail of the opportunity. Small naps can be refreshing than waking up all the time. Try to sleep as long as your baby is asleep. Avoid being productive and energetic during your baby’s sleep. This way you’ll get tired and won’t be able to wake up all night to take care of your newborn.

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Stop Pampering Your Baby

Over pampering your baby can also be stressful. The main cause of sleep deprivation is being overprotective and sensitive to your baby. If your kid is whimpering or groaning at night don’t get out of bed to soothe him/her. This will eventually spoil the habits of your baby and he/she won’t be able to sleep without your existence. Try to stay calm. Even if your baby is crying, don’t immediately wake up. Let your baby stop crying on her/his own. This will make it easier for your child to sleep without you. If your baby is too attached to you, you’ll have to sacrifice your sleep which can affect your health. If you let your baby sleep on his/her own they’ll develop the habit of sleeping without you and soon you’ll see that they are sleeping for 6-7 hours in a stretch without needing you.

Advice For Nursing Mothers:

Nursing mothers can suffer from serious sleep deprivation because the child needs to be fed after every few hours, at times minutes too. In most women, the root of sleep deprivation is nursing. Even though it is really hard to do this, but nursing mothers don’t have much choice. But there is one thing a mother can do. Consider pumping the milk and storing it for later. Put the pumped milk in the feeder so the father of the child can also feed the child at night. This way the duty is divided equally between the parents and the mother alone doesn’t need to suffer.

Lie Down For a While:

Even if you can’t sleep try to lie down for a bit. This would certainly relax you and ease your stress. Just close your eyes for a while, if you are unable to sleep. Stay away from the phone, avoid involving yourself in work and relax a little.

These are a few tips that will help you recover sleep deprivation. Try making a timetable and a proper schedule for yourself and your baby, so that you get enough sleep. Lack of sleep in a mother can be dangerous too, so try to take sufficient sleep in order to stay healthy, fit and fresh.

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