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How to Prepare your Child for Ivy League Schools?

Parents normally dream to see their children have the best education. They only want the best for their children. When it comes to college education, one of the best standards is an Ivy League school. Ivy League schools like Harvard and Yale offer prestige to their students.

Ivy League schools are very selective in their admissions. Harvard, for example, has only an average of a 5% acceptance rate. This only means that if parents want their kids to be admitted to Ivy League schools, they need to start training and helping their kids to prepare early on. 

In order to help you on how to prepare your child for Ivy League schools, here are some of the best and effective tips:

Parents need to promote academic growth to their kids  

The very first and most obvious aspect that parents should focus on is the need for parents to foster and promote academic growth to their children. This needs to get started early on at a young age. Students need to soar high in their academics especially in high school to be able to reach out to the Ivy League school standards. 

This is not just all about showing off a high GPA. They need to learn skills that they can use and they will need when they are in the Ivy League environment. One example is writing. Excellent writing skills will help students nail admission essays, post-acceptance assignments, and SAT scores. Writing skills need practice, time, and creativity to master. It is not something that can be learned overnight. It is also a great idea if parents seek out outside help to make sure the application essay fits the Ivy League standards.

Another important thing that parents should keep in mind when they are trying to get their children to do their best in academics. Some parents do a reward system where children are rewarded when they do well at school and get punished when they fail. This strategy is not very advisable because students are forced to do well and they will see academics as a chore rather than a passion. If they cultivate true love for learning and academics, that will serve them well as an Ivy League student later on. 

Don’t put too much pressure on your kids. And don’t be too tough on them when they fail to get the best grades that you want. You need to be patient and appreciative of them and remind them that they are capable of getting 100%.

Parents need to focus on their child’s interests

Being passionate about something you do can lead you to success. When kids are forced into studying a certain where they have no interest in, they are more likely to perform poorly. If the kid dreams to become a doctor, but you are forcing him to do different, it will only make him perform poorly. Parents need to learn what their kids want and what certain fields they are interested in so that they can help them focus on that. If you want your student to do well in an Ivy League school, it is important for you to help your kids find the field they love and support them. When they love what they are doing, they will excel in it. Remember that test scores like SAT scores are really important when you want to be admitted to an Ivy League school. Students need to invest in a good and reputable prep class. If they have a low score, it should not be a discouragement. It is definitely not true that SAT scores are an intelligence test. You can definitely increase your SAT score if you master and practice over time just like other skills. 

Kids need extra-curricular activities

The role of hobbies in the development of an individual is hard to overrate. Extracurricular activities develop a sense of commitment and responsibility, as well as allow the children to find lifelong friends.

Applicants for an Ivy League school don’t have to show off hundred of different extracurricular activities in order to get an edge. But some extracurricular activities that your child is dedicated to can be very helpful. An example is being in a certain sport throughout high school or in a certain club, he is dedicated to. The extracurricular activities and hobbies that your child cultivates and develops are hard to overrate. They develop good qualities like being responsible and being committed that they need in life. 

Encourage independence

Parents don’t want to see their child fail or struggle. But if children are very sheltered and never get to experience some failures, it will not be good for them. They need to be independent and parents should allow them to fail and learn. This will definitely help them grow. Aside from the academic standards that Ivy League schools have, they are also looking for independent, passionate, and confident students. Those traits and qualities are something that your kid needs to cultivate through the ups and downs that they experienced. Students need to show independence and confidence even during their interviews and they need to cultivate it more when they are already in the university. Being dependent and timid can be a big problem. 

Using these simple yet effective tips, you will definitely give an impact on the learning and growth of your child. You are definitely helping your kids better prepare for the world they are going in later in life. Parents should remember not to fully and blindly follow the advice of the college guidance counselors and don’t underestimate your child’s potential. By having the right training, cultivating the right attitude, and accepting the needed advice, your child can be on his way to becoming one of the students in his dream Ivy League school.

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