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Ideal Baby Names: Antique Baby Names Back in Style

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Ideal Baby Names: Antique Baby Names Back in Style

If you are deciding on the ideal name for your upcoming bundle of joy, there are antique baby names back in style that are worth checking out.

Today, the antique and vintage baby names are making a comeback. Although several classic names do not seem to go out of style, many names are coming out of the surface after being out of the limelight for years.

Antique baby names back in style that are worth checking out

Once you decide to go for any of the antique baby names back in style, your bundle of joy will surely stand out of the crowd and lovable at the same time. Before you know it, it can easily blend in with the crowd.

Let us now take a close look at some of the antique baby names back in style that are worth giving to your upcoming child.


This is a beautiful, feminine name that has a history behind it. It originally has Latin roots, coming from the Latin word “aureus” which means “golden”. If you are searching for the ideal baby name that describes your little golden child, this is a good choice.


Although the origin of the name is somewhat vague, it became popular as the name of the ancient Roman goddess of war and wisdom. It is no surprise that the meaning of the name is about intellect and pursuits of the mind.


This is the name of a biblical king mentioned in the book of Proverbs. The name has Hebrew roots which mean “devoted to God”.


This is the feminine form of Augustus which comes from the Latin word “august” which means “great” or “venerable”. The name has been given as a title for the female rulers of the Byzantine and Roman empires. It has long been used as a popular name for royal babies.

Babies named Augusta is considered rare. The popularity of the name peaked in the late 19th century but declined by the end of WWII.


The German name means “eagle power” or “strong as an eagle”. It gained popularity in the English-speaking world after it was brought to England by the Normans. The name went out of fashion throughout the centuries, almost fading after the Middle Ages before it was revived in the 19th century and losing popularity again in the late 20th century.


This fabulous name that is making a comeback means “wealthy” and peaked in popularity back in 1880 and 1950.

When most older people hear this name, they usually think of a kindly old gentleman down the street or a beloved mule they once had in childhood.


This German name is quickly becoming a household favorite baby name throughout the years. Although it was previously associated with old ladies wearing high-buttoned collars and brooches, Matilda is becoming a favorite baby girl name.

It is a powerful name that means “strength” which provides it with a great feminist connotation.


For Shakespeare fans out there, they are familiar with the heroine of the tragic play King Lear. The name is timeless and elegant which spiked in popularity in the late 20th century.

Although the origin of the name could not be pinpointed, it is believed to be derived from the Welsh name Creiddylad or from the Latin word “cors” which means “heart”.


Although it was originally used as a last name, Lowell is also an ideal choice for the first name of your upcoming bundle of joy. This French name means “young wolf”. It was popular back in the early 20th century which peaked between the 1920s and 1940s where it was included in the top 200 names for boys.

Final thoughts

With the selection of antique baby names back in style, it is worth checking out so that you will find the right one for your bundle of joy.

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