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Vintage Baby Names and its Timeless Appeal

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Vintage Baby Names and its Timeless Appeal

Are you the type of person who always wants to reminisce about the old days? Always feeling nostalgic about the past and loving the glory of the golden days? Back when life is so laidback and relax when going out would mean dances with old fashion music at a gazebo on a starry evening, complemented with the aroma of fresh apple pies and fine wine that fills the air. From vintage fashion, old fashioned music and antique pieces, the classic is coming back. And it’s not just fashion and music but also on baby names. Despite the rise of names with unique spellings and pronunciation, vintage names are still favored for its timeless appeal. Proving to be a favorite on its generation, its charm continuous to shine up to the present time and became a trendy option in naming babies.

 Giving a name is one of the most important things that should be considered by parents. A baby’s name will always be associated with her. Choose one that he may not like will make him hide among aliases and nicknames later in his life.

 So you may want to consider the following old baby names that will truly fit on your beautiful little prince and princesses. Proving that even in naming babies, the retro style is making a comeback.

Vintage boy’s names

 James: Proving its classic and ageless appeal, the name fits on any age. James means a supplanter and traces its root from the Hebrew name Jacob. Some presidents of the United States of America bear the name. Two apostles of Christ also name James. 

 Leo: Don’t be mislead with this short and cute name. Leo symbolizes masculinity at it displays strength and dominance. Leo means “lion.”

William: Often associated with famous literary figures and contemporary authors, this name of German origin was derived from the words “will” and “helmet.” Several rulers of England and US presidents bear the classic name.

 Anthony: A simple and yet famous classic name which means “priceless and praiseworthy.”

 Robert: The name means “shining bright.” It has been an all-time favorite for an entire century.

 Jasper: Tracing its root from several languages, the name means an ornamental stone or beige or red in French. It is also an alternative to names Joshua, Jayden, and Jacob.

 Oliver: The name is sourced from the name Olive. It is derived from the Latin word that means “olive tree.” It also attributed to the Old Norse name of Olaf which is Oliver.

 Bernard: Means “strong bear.” This strong masculine name can be given a softer twist with the nickname Bernie.

 Noah: The name is derived from a Hebrew word which means “rest and comfort.”

 Max: One of the common choice name for boys. Although short, the name exudes confidence.

 Owen: Means a young warrior

 Alexander: The name came from the Greek name Alexandros which means “defending men.” The name belongs to several great men in the world’s history.

 Alfred: With Old English origin, Alfred is derived from a name composed of the terms “elf” and “counsel.” Alfred the Great of Wessex translated many Latin books from Latin to English. His popularity later leads to the usage of his name since then. Although the use of the name became rare sometimes, it was revived in the 18th century and remained a classic favorite until now.

 Clarence: With its Latin origin, the name Clarence means “clear” and “bright.” History says that they originated when the third son of King Edward III married the heiress of Clare. From then, the name Clarence also means “one who resides near the river Clare.” Also, the title Duke of Clarence is now given to junior members of the English and British royal families.

 Edgar: The name comes from the Old English name Eadgar, a combination of ead which means rich or happy, and gar which means spear.

 Frederick: This name is derived from the German word frid which means peace and ric meaning “ruler” or “power.” Thus it means “peaceful ruler.”

 Ephraim: This name of Hebrew origin means “fruitful.” Also, in the Old Testament, Ephraim is the son of Joseph and Asenath and one of the founders of the twelve tribes of Israel.

 Warren: It was originally an English surname with Norman French origin. This comes from the word warrene meaning “animal enclosure,” and the town of La Varenne in Normandy.

Vintage girl’s names

 Marjorie: A variation of the name Margery, influenced by the herb marjoram. The name means “child of light.”

 Alma: With its roots in several languages, the name means “nourishing” in Latin, “the soul” in Spanish, “loving” in Swedish, “apple” in Persian and “good” in Celtic.

 Beatrice: A Latin name which means “she who brings happiness.”

 Cora: The name became famous as one of the characters in the great literary classic, The Last of the Mohicans in 1826. It is also a shorter version of Cordula and Corinna.

 Clara: The name brings a delicate Victorian aura which means “clear,” “bright” and “famous.” The name came from its masculine counterpart Clarus.

 Dorothy: This is the English form of the name Dorothea. It came from a compound Greek name meaning gift and God. Thus the name means “gift of God.”

 Adelaide: From the German name Adalheidis, composed of the elements “noble” and “kind”, “sort” or “type.” It became the name of a city in Australia in 1836.

 Eleanor: The name became famous because of its royal origins since many queens of France and England bears the name, one of which is Eleanor of Aquitane, the Queen of King Louis VII of the 12th century.

 Delphine: Derived from Delphi, an ancient city of Greece. It also means “dolphin” that may sound appealing to the lovers of the sea.

Georgina: The name is the feminine form of the name George with an ornate, romantic touch.

 Helen: A famous name from Greek mythology, she bears the face who launched a thousand ships during the Trojan war.

 Caroline: An elegant, classic name meaning “free man.”

 Penelope: Comes from the Greek word that signifies a type of duck.

 Millicent: A popular classic name of German origins that exudes strength.

 Never miss considering these names with classic appeals. It gains approval from the past and is expected to receive the same acceptance during contemporary times. These vintage gems are just waiting to be revived.

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