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7 Classic, Pretty and Unique Attitude Names for Girls

Picking a unique girl’s name for a baby who’s coming to the real world soon is a gallant task that every soon-to-be mother and father should take sincerely. It’s important to choose the perfect name since it’s something that someone will carry for the rest of her life. Many people, though, have various ways through choosing a baby’s second name, the surname is always the dad’s name, parents have the responsibility of picking a cool name for their newborns.

Even before the infant arrives, a soon-to-be parent can determine whether she will deliver a baby that’s cool and relaxed or an energetic baby, mostly based on the movements of the baby inside the womb. And so, a mom likely to know where to start when picking sassy names for a girl, particularly if she loves to use a name that will suit her little pea’s character. 

Perhaps, some of the character names girls available are those full of attitude, and new parents around the world like to embrace this idea. Most baby names we consider are attitude names for girls and are always inspired by successful women. 

Here are some of the best attitude names for girls you can use as inspiration for a baby on the way. 


This is a happy name that proof points about having a French root. Chanel means “Canal”. It has been used since the 1970s. The French corporation, Chanel that specializes in couture clothing, perfumes for women and accessories, has greatly the name. This has different spelling variations such as Channel, Channell, Chanelle, and Shanelle. Today, Chanel is not as common as it was a few years ago, and this makes it unique for attitude names for girls 


Zara is a baby girl’s name with Hebrew and Arabic, and this means “princess” or “blossom.” The popularity of the name started in the 21st century. But today, it’s slightly trendy which makes it rare nicknames for girls. Zarah or Zahra are the two most common spelling variation of the name. Zara is one of the attitudes names lists that will give a lasting impression on everyone who sees them. 


The attitude names for girls Brooke became trendy in the 1950s and until today, people love the name. It originates from Ireland and has a meaning of “stream” water.” During the 1980s, American actress Brooke Shields made this name even more famous. Brooke is feisty, bold and many parents fall in love with the name.


This is a spirited baby girl’s name that means “valiant.” Riley has spelling variations such as Reily, Rylie, Rylee, and Ryleigh. As one of the attitude names for girls,this originates from the Irish Gaelic language and is perfect for either gender, though it’s a common name for girls.


Blair is a breathtaking sassy name for a girl that means “battlefield” or “dweller of the plain”. It comes from Scottish Gaelic. Though it’s a girl’s name, some countries, people use it as a gender-neutral name. A variation of the first name is Blaire. The popularity of Blair’s name in the USA is increasing but it’s rare in Wales and England.


This is one of the cute and unique girl names with English and Spanish which means “farmer”. Besides its variations Georgia and Georgiana, George is the male version of Georgina. This first name is slightly popular in the US and somewhat used in other countries around the world. Gina, Georgie, and Gigi are some of the cute attitude names lists of Georgina. 


The name comes from English speaking countries and it has a meaning of “Fighting man’s estate”. Peytin and Payton are some of the variations of these sassy names for a girl. Amongst the most notable people around the world that bear the name are American artist Payton Haas, basketball player Payton Pritchard, and American wrestler Payton Banks.

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