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Is it Normal for Babies to Hiccup in the Womb?

Soon-to-be moms or moms are pretty much excited for a new addition to their family. Pregnancy is quite an amazing and wonderful experience for moms. First-time moms are extra careful with their pregnancy and they are very cautious in whatever changes they feel in their bodies. There are many changes and amazing experiences that moms can only experience during pregnancy. It is really a mother and child bonding. One of the most unique experience is baby hiccuping during pregnancy. When you are a first-time mom, you’re maybe unaware of this but baby hiccups in the womb a lot and it is pretty normal. So mothers should not be worried when this happens because it is normal. But we may wonder, why do babies hiccup in the womb? We will find out in this article.

Your baby hiccups in the womb every day in your first semester or second semester.  

Your baby may have started hiccupping every now and again late in your first semester. But you may not notice that until it’s about 27 weeks. By that time, you are used to your baby moving around. You will now feel baby hiccuping during pregnancy at that time. You are now aware of the kicks and turns your baby is doing inside the womb. The baby’s hiccups feel like a series of little jerky or rhythmic movements. You may notice that your baby hiccups in the womb every day a number of times or every once in a while.

The truth is, your baby may continue to get hiccups after he is born. Don’t worry, he will not be bothered by his hiccups but you can help him burp after feeding him. 

Why do babies hiccup in the womb?

When your baby is still in the womb, he is experiencing many different milestones. Each of that milestones is needed for him to be fully equipped in order for him to survive the real world. Maybe you will notice that later on after 20 weeks, he starts to move. Moms who have other kids prior can feel movements sooner in their pregnancies due to experiences. Some may feel it a bit longer also depending on the placenta position and weight. These fetal movements feel like something popping in your belly, those are kicks. Then you will feel rolls and nudges any time of the day. But sometimes there are different pulses like rhythmic repetitive fetal movement. They are called fetal hiccups. That is when baby hiccups in the womb a lot. 

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Some baby hiccups in the womb a lot of times in a day while others do not get them at all. The actual cause of hiccups is not understood very well. This is also true when it happens to kids and adults. One explanation is that it has a role in molding lung maturation. And the most important thing is, it is a reflex by the baby and is a pretty normal part of pregnancy. It is generally a good sign. After week 32, though, hiccups in babies will be less frequent.  If your baby hiccups in the womb a lot even after 32 weeks of pregnancy, you may want to contact your doctor. That’s because it can signal a cord problem. Umbilical cord compression is when the oxygen and blood supply is cut off or slowed down from the fetus. This usually happens in the remaining last weeks of pregnancy. So if you notice a sudden change in your baby’s hiccups, for instance, they are stronger or last longer than usual hiccups, you may want to contact your doctor. Your doctor can examine if the baby hiccups in the womb a lot and stronger can signal an issue. They can also help ease your mind if everything is totally fine and there’s nothing to worry about. 

Monitor abnormalities by counting kicks

As the week progresses, your baby will move a lot. You may feel uncomfortable or worry about these movements. It is a good idea to count the kicks and hiccups that your baby does during the late part of pregnancy. 

Here’s how to count kicks:

  • A healthy baby normally moves several times in two hours. 
  • In your third trimester, count how long it takes for the baby to make 10 movements. Repeat this process each day, preferably at the same time of day.
  • When your baby doesn’t move so much, try to drink a glass of water or eat a light snack. You can also try to gently push on your stomach.
  • Most pregnancy, moms can feel even 10 movements within a 30-minute period. Try to observe after 2 hours. When you have concerns about the baby hiccups in the womb a lot or moves too much or not at all, consult your doctor for your concerns.
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It is really helpful and a good idea to pay close attention to your baby’s kicks and movements. If you notice any strange changes, you should contact your doctor for faster detection and ease your mind if there is nothing to be worried about. 

You can also ease the aches and pains from the baby movements by trying to lie on your left side with pillows. You can make this position for a good night’s sleep as well. Also we should drink plenty of water, healthy fluids and nutritious food. And to have extra energy and stress relief, try to have regular physical activity. Remember also to take naps during the day and go to bed at the same time each night. Now that you know that it is normal to baby hiccuping during pregnancy, you rest assured about it and you just have to monitor it. Enjoy this rhythmic repetitive fetal movement while it lasts and sooner, you are going to meet your baby and have a daily bond with him, flesh to flesh. Your pregnancy journey will soon be over, and your motherhood will start fresh. 

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