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Perks of Girls Getting Knocked Up Abroad

Perks of Girls Getting Knocked Up Abroad

Most people associate the term “knocked up” as a negative one. But once you read the perks of girls getting knocked up abroad, you will be amazed why being knocked up overseas is quite amazing.

You don’t know their language

This may sound a little bit odd, but believe me, it is okay when you don’t speak their language. You can easily ignore some things since you are living in the language bubble. You don’t know, and you don’t also care if someone is asking when is your due date. Being pregnant in a foreign country is blissful. There is nothing much to worry about such as toxic relationships and the environment but only yourself and your thoughts for the whole day.

Longer days of parental leave

Some of the countries like Sweden is said to have 420 days of leave for expected mother, take note those days are all paid. Also, women in Sweden are entitled to 60 days’ benefits before the time of their delivery. What more can you ask for?

You can be a rebel every day

There are foreign countries that have the beliefs in superstitions like not allowing the expected mother to get their feet cold because they believe that their womb will get cold too. Wearing slippers or socks is needed even when it is too hot just to follow this tradition. As a newcomer, you can break the rule against this belief, remove your socks, and wear your flip-flops all day. Remember that you are not bound by that tradition, so live your life to the fullest!

You can eat your favorite sushi

We know that American pregnant women are not allowed to eat sushi for the whole duration of their pregnancy. But there are countries which allow all the pregnant women to eat sushi as long as they want. They have the laws which require to freeze all the raw fish at exactly -20 degrees Celsius for more than one day to kill the parasites inside the maki roll. So get up and get your chopsticks!

You can break some rules

In addition to perks of girls getting knocked up abroad is they can break some of the rules. Since there are countries which don’t allow men to enter the delivery room, as a foreigner, you can demand to have your man stays by your side. Like for example, you are giving birth in Benin, back-up all the things you can get because breaking their rules is one of the biggest bonuses of being an expat mom.

You can drink coffee as long as you want

We are aware of the limiting consumption of caffeine for American pregnant women to avoid miscarriages. But, there are countries which don’t think that you are crazy about drinking lots of coffee while you are pregnant. You can drink coffee every day without someone looking at you like you are a coffee addict.

Extra help is possible

Yes, you read it right. There are foreign countries like the Netherlands which offer extra help for you. Once you got home after giving birth, rest assured that after a few hours, someone will arrive to help you with your household chores and other duties so you can give your full attention to your baby. One of the privileges of expat mom is they can ask for extra hours of help from krammzorg, depending on the number of your kids inside your home and if your birthing process doesn’t go well.

It’s the perfect time to choose an exotic name

Take note that if you pick a popular name in your foreign country, rest assured that it will sound unique to your family and friends back in your home town. If you choose a more traditional name from your foreign place, the locals will surely scratch their heads at your baby’s name and pronunciation.

Utmost care is possible

One of the perks of girls getting knocked up abroad is the utmost care that a foreigner can get in a certain country. Like for example, in the United Arab Emirates, you can expect an easier and stress-free pregnancy. Strangers will help and approach you without being asked. Guatemala is also known for having extra hands to help you hold your baby or even change his diaper and any other help.

Less judgment for you

If you are pregnant in countries like South Africa and the Netherlands, no one will judge you about gaining your weight while you are pregnant. On the other hand, there are some countries which provide a “fat foreigner” free pass which may look a little bit judgy, but who cares? Then you can eat another bowl of food if you want since you have earned it.

You can keep your secret pregnancy

Since you are living far away from your friends and relatives, you can still keep your secret of being pregnant. You can hide your pictures showing your big belly from your social media accounts. Less bother and stress since nobody will ask you about your cravings, even the bad taste in your mouth or your due date so you can relax more. You can surprise them with your birth announcement or with your baby when the right time comes.

Child allowance

Girls getting knocked up abroad are fortunate since they can avail monthly allowance for their child. In Sweden, a monthly allowance will appear in the mother’s account for every child that she has until the children reach the age of 16. Most of the parents in Sweden use that money for their child’s school fees, clothes, and foods. Other parents place the money into their child’s saving for future use. So what more can you ask for?

Free prenatal care

Some countries offer free prenatal care before your expected time of delivery. They offer free classes for future parents to help them prepare for the delivery, which includes dietary advice, different group support, and even coaching sessions.

Girls getting knocked up abroad have lots of benefits. But let’s be honest, it’s a little bit challenging since it is not easy to go overseas and far away from your family. However, it is still a bit cooler since there are many benefits available for expat moms. As a whole, every mother wants to have a healthy and happy family. Knowing the perks of girls getting knocked up abroad can help you decide what path to take and the result you can get.

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