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Mountain Buggy Duo vs Duet Differences and Similarities

Mountain Buggy Duo vs Duet Differences and Similarities

The Mountain Buggy Duo and the Mountain Buggy Duet are both a good pick when it comes to infant twins that have both unique attributes that differentiate them. Both of them were created in the year 1992 where it is specifically made for newborns up to toddlers that can be used on different terrains or trails. They are compared through the ease of use, maneuverability, features, quality, size, and weight. In this article, we’ll compare the Mountain Buggy Duo and the Mountain Buggy Duet 2019 to see which one is worth buying for.

Performance comparison

  • Ease of Use

Both Mountain Buggy Nano Duo and the Mountain Buggy Duet have earned 6 out of 10 ratings compared to other strollers from other brands making it a safe option for those who are looking for an affordable yet reliable stroller. It is only scored 6 points because it doesn’t contain features that the strollers above it have but it doesn’t actually affect the main functioning of the stroller. There are only three strollers that scored higher than Mountain Buggy.

  • Maneuverability

The duo and duet are both created to be maneuvers easily that can be pushed and turned in any terrain. Both of their wheels are made from plastic that is air-filled with rubber tire. The wheels of the duet in front have the option to be locked in place so that traveling in rough terrain is easier. It is also equipped with 10-inch rubber tires that contributes to its overall maneuverability. 

However the Mountain Buggy duo stroller has single wheel per leg that can easily fit small and narrow pathways but it is quite hard to push and turn with its 12″ wheels compared to the duet especially if there is much weight but it also has a swivel front wheels  so that maneuvering in uneven terrain is not that complicated. When it comes to surveys, the Mountain Buggy duet has an overall rating of 7 while the Mountain Buggy duo got a rating of 4 when it comes to maneuverability out of the 10 brands that were compared.

  • Fold and Unfold

When it comes to folding and unfolding, the Mountain Buggy strollers are known for their compact appearance that can be folded and unfolded easily in just seconds. Both Mountain Buggy strollers can be laid on the ground or can self-stand when folded but the handlebar needs should be rotated down.

The duet can be folded in a one-handed operation that requires you to do only three simple steps but you may need to have a force to compress it enables the auto-lock. While the duo requires two hands for folding it because you may need to compress it properly to use its auto-lock features. For unfolding the stroller, both duet and duo require two hands for it to be unfolded properly.

  • Size and Weight

There are slight differences in the size and weight of the Mountain Buggy duo and Mountain Buggy duet. The size of the duo is about 28.5 inches (72.4cms) wide while the duet has a size of 25 inches (63cms) wide. Since the duo is larger than the duet its weight is also heavier at 36lb while the duet weighs 34 lbs.

  • Color

When it comes to the color, the Mountain Buggy duet comes in Marine, Grid, Silver, and Black. While the Mountain Buggy duo is available only in black but the canopy has color choices of gray and yellow.

  • Brakes

Both the Mountain Buggy duet and Mountain Buggy duo makes use of average single action brakes that are easy to set and release. The duo has a brake pedal that is color-coded for easy use.

  • Storage

The Mountain Buggy Duo has a maximum weight capacity of 17 lbs that can contain a large diaper bag and other things, this is the only storage on the duo stroller. The Mountain Buggy Duet has a smaller storage that only has a maximum weight capacity of 11 lbs. The storage bin is a medium size but it can still carry a large diaper bag because the top part of the bin is just open. Both strollers have a cup and bottleholders.

  • Sunshade

Both strollers have a canopy with a flip-out visor. They don’t have much coverage with the medium-sized canopy that can only cover up to the knee part but both strollers are equipped with a peek-a-boo window with a toggle closure that serves as ventilation. 

  • Harness

Both Mountain Buggy duet and Mountain Buggy duo are equipped with a 5-point harness in each seat that is easy to adjust for both upper and lower straps. When it comes to the buckle, placing it for both strollers is quite tricky because both hands are needed and that it should be placed in each strap separately that requires the help of your two hands.

Similarities of the mountain buggy duo and the duet

  • Peekaboo windows in each separate hoods
  • It has baskets that have a weight capacity of 5kgs
  • Each handle are adjustable
  • It is equipped with cup and bottle holders
  • Both feature quick-release wheels and a quick-release footbrake
  • The seats can be adjusted from a full recline to a fully upright down to cater newborns up to toddler age
  • It has lockable swivel front wheels
  • Both Mountain Buggy strollers have lightweight frames
  • Both strollers can self-stand on their own even when folded
  • Equipped with a 5-point harness with a buckle for safety use

Final Thoughts

The Mountain Buggy duo and Mountain Buggy duet review show that both strollers have similarities and differences but both strollers stand out on its own way it would just depend on what particular features you are looking for. Whether you would choose a duo or a duet, you would still get a quality stroller that has stylish features that your child will enjoy for a long period of time. They may not always top a comparison review with other brands but they are still a popular choice for those who choose simplicity and quality.

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