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15 Sure Signs You’re Pregnant with a Girl

As the symptoms of pregnancy slowly show up, mothers are trying to cope up with these changes and excitedly await for every stage and development of the baby in their womb. One exciting aspect as women and their partners as well counted on the days, weeks and months are knowing the sex or gender of their baby. 

Many people are citing signs and symptoms that a woman is pregnant with a girl. Although there are some accurate ways to detect babies’ gender, there are also myths and beliefs that people adhere to tell that a baby girl is coming. Others based these signs from their experiences, especially if they have already been pregnant with both sexes. Comparisons are there that lead to their different conclusions. 

Although the most definite way to know the baby’s gender is to wait for him or her to be born, here are 15 myths and sure signs that you’re pregnant with a girl. 

Have a happy time guessing!

The 20-week anatomy scan

This procedure does not only check the baby’s development as the mother enters the third trimester, this is also a more accurate time and procedure to know the baby’s gender. To learn more about the method, you can read on the related article: Monitoring Babies’ Development and Progress the 20-Week Anatomy Scan   

Prenatal ultrasound

Prenatal ultrasound

Although ultrasound can be required in the different trimester of pregnancy, it is in the second trimester when the baby’s gender can be revealed. Early detection is sometimes erroneous since the result will depend on the baby’s position inside the uterus. 

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Severe morning sickness

Some conclude that mothers who are expecting a baby girl tend to suffer severe cases of morning sickness than those who are expecting a boy. The reason behind this can be that girls produce more hormones that then affect their mothers. To some women, vomiting and nausea can also happen within the day and not just in the morning and can last up to 12 weeks.  But to date, there is no evidence or medical basis for this claim. Morning sickness can vary from one woman to another.  

Heart rate

Be observant when your doctor listens to your baby’s heartbeat. Some say that a rapid fetal heart rate of 140 to 160 beats per minute can indicate that you are having a girl. But do take note that at week 5 of pregnancy, the fetus has almost the same rate of heartbeat with the baby. It will become faster again on the ninth week. But still, there is no medical basis for this claim. Fetal heart rate can change depending on his or her age.

Skin changes

When rashes or blisters appear on the skin, the possibility is that the mother is pregnant with a girl. This can be caused by a hormonal imbalance that is more severe with a baby girl. It can also lead to oily skin that can make expectant mothers more prone to acne. Although this cannot be concluded as correct to all, it is a possibility that there are hormonal changes during pregnancy but it cannot equate to revealing a baby’s gender.

Belly shape

Belly shape

Some observed that a round belly can imply that you have a baby girl coming up. In addition, carrying your baby’s weight in the middle or high can also mean the same thing since baby boys tend to weigh in the front or low. Again, this is just a myth that has not been proven true or accurate in all cases.   

Mood swings

Women who are expecting girls face have a higher level of the stress hormone cortisol. This can lead to more mood swings than those who are expecting boys. This can also lead to extreme irritability, depression, and anger during gestation. This cannot be proven accurate because the level of stress hormones and the approach to handle it can vary among women.

Breast size

As it has not been proven true, another myth debunked is that pregnant women whose breasts have noticeably grow larger can expect a baby girl. A bigger left breast is not an accurate gauge too. 


If you used to have thick glossy locks and it suddenly turns thin and dull, it can mean you’re carrying a girl. The opposite equates to a boy. This is just another old wives’ tale that has not proven true by medical science.


A rounder and fuller face they say is a sign that a pregnant woman is expected to give birth to a baby girl. They even say that a larger nose during pregnancy is equal to a lovely daughter. This just happens because some women tend to gain weight when they get pregnant. You should also be wary of swelling that is caused by water retention and worse, it can be a sign of preeclampsia. Better consult your doctor about it.  Open next button bellow to continue reading..


Some people believe that dull, yellow urine indicates a pregnant woman is carrying a girl while clearer urine indicates a boy. This is not a proven method as it is not backed up by science and medicine. 

Sweet cravings

Sweet cravings

Seems like your sweet tooth is becoming active? This can be a signal that you’re having a baby girl. On the other hand, cravings on salty, and savory snacks can mean a baby boy is coming. Sad to say this is just a myth and is not proven accurate to all.

Sleeping position

Another myth that is gaining popularity to know a baby’s gender is the mother’s sleeping position while pregnant. They say that if a woman sleeps more on the right than her left side, there is a possibility that a girl will be an addition to the family. Just like other myths debunked, this is not proven true.   Open next button bellow to continue reading..

The garlic test

When you eat garlic when you are pregnant and it doesn’t cause any odor changes in the body can mean you’re having a girl. It was observed that women who are expecting baby boys who eat garlic can smell like it.

The baking powder test

When you put baking soda in a pregnant woman’s urine and it has no reaction, a baby girl can be coming soon. A fizzy reaction can indicate it’s a boy.  

These two gender test method has not been proven accurate over the years.

A wrap-up

Although there are more accurate methods to know a baby’s gender brought by modern technology,  there are still who believe in myths and old wives’ tales. Some tend to do it just for fun since it was all proven safe. Others are contributed by mothers who have been through the pregnancy of both male and female babies and based everything from their experiences. These 15 myths and sure signs that you’re pregnant with a girl can be an exciting way to find out.

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