Is Natural Birth Preferable to a C-Section?

Over the past few decades; the popularity of the C-section method of birth has grown in part because this method avoids the pain of natural births. Also, there is a belief that women have a less satisfying sex life after giving birth naturally. Before making your decision, it is important to understand what each birthing method is and what advantages they offer so you can make the best-informed decision.

C-Section Birth.

While the C-section birth was named after Julius Caesar, who was reported to be born in this manner over 2,000 years ago, the C-section birthing method only became commonplace in the middle part of the 20th century. It involves cutting through the abdominal muscles and tissue to open the uterus and remove the baby directly. C-section births are common for women who have endured complicated pregnancies, are giving birth to multiple babies, or if an emergency arises and the baby needs to be extricated immediately.

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Potential issues include staying in the hospital longer and not being able to be in contact with their baby as quick as natural birth. However, the main issues are from the surgery itself where there is a pain at the incision site and longer-lasting soreness and discomfort.

Natural Birth.

Natural Birth

This method is the baby being pushed out of the uterus into the birthing canal. Every two out of three babies in the US are born using this method. Under most circumstances, it considers this form of giving birth safe and healthy. Because the body is built for this type of birth; recovery is generally fast and contact with the baby can begin almost immediately. However, there are some potential complications with this process which start with the fact that once a woman gives birth via C-section, they will have to deliver all their children in this manner.

There are temporary complications; such as a lingering pain between the vagina and anus that may last for well after the birthing process.

In addition, the tissues around the vagina can stretch and tear during birth which results in stitches and potential weakening of the pelvic muscles. Over time, women who have given birth vaginally may have issues with bladder and bowel control. 

Which Option Should You Choose?

Which Option Should You Choose?

A C-section is still considered by many doctors to be primarily for difficult births that put the baby or mother’s life at risk. While C-sections are more common, it also considers them major surgeries that carry the risk of infection. Plus, the idea that a woman’s sex life is somehow less satisfying after giving birth naturally is simply not true; at least for the untold millions of women who have given birth to more than one child and still enjoy having sex.

So, unless there is a medical reason that your doctor recommends for having a C-section; to give birth the natural way is safer and healthier for you and your baby. As always, please consult with your doctor and consider all options before making your final decision.

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