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Ancient but Timeless Aramaic Names for Babies

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Ancient but Timeless Aramaic Names for Babies

Even before, or after a baby is born, parents are a task to give fitting names to their little darling. Luckily, today, aside from baby books, lots of online resources are available for parents to look for and research different baby names. It is even properly categorized for an easier search yielding results with just a click.

In naming your baby, do you want it to be influenced by your interests? Like giving him a name like Koda or Lyric to reflect your love for music.  Do you opt for names that are unique and unusual? You can also give names that start with N since it is the first letter of your name. The possibilities and the choices are endless.

One creative way of giving names that are derived from other languages and ethnicity. Does Aramaic sound intriguing and yet appealing?  It is a form of the Jewish language and considered one of the oldest languages in the world. In fact, the books of Daniel and Ezra of the Old Testament is said to be written in Aramaic. With its timeless appeal, here are Aramaic names for babies you can choose from.

Aramaic male names

  • Jagur: A name of a Biblical place which means “heap of stones” or “marker.”
  • Peter: It means “rock” or “stone.”
  • Zacharias: Meaning “God has remembered.” He is also one of the Biblical prophets. Also, Zachary and Zach.
  • Cleophas: In the New Testament, he is the husband of the women who witness Jesus being crucified. The name means “the whole glory.”
  • Matthias: Also of Greek origin which means “gift of God.” He is the apostle chosen to replace Judas Iscariot. Variation – Matthis
  • Thaddeus: “A gift of God.” It also means “heart” or “a courageous heart.” Variation: Taddeo, Thad.
  • Zeke: Also of Hebrew origin and a sacred name meaning “God strengthens” or “may God strengthen.” 
  • Aviv:“spring” or “springtime.” It can also mean “young.”
  • Bartholomew: Also with a touch of Greek origin, this boy name means “hill” or “furrow.” Another meaning can be “son of furrows.” 
  • Joshua: “God is salvation.” In the Old Testament, after the death of Moses, he was succeeded by Joshua as the leader of Israel and led the conquest of Canaan.
  • Azai: “Strength.”
  • Adad: An ancient Aramaic name for male which means “thunder.” It can also refer to the Greek god of storm and flood.
  • Thomas: “Twin.” In the Bible, Thomas is the name of one of the 12 apostles. Variation: Tomi and Tommy.
  • Barnabas: “Son of consolation.” He is an apostle who accompanied Saint Paul in his early missionary works.
  • Tavi: “Good.” It can also be a feminine name.
  • Zaccheus: “Clean” or “pure.” In the New Testament, Zaccheus is a tax collector who became a disciple of Christ.
  • Diklah: “Palm grove.” In the Old Testament, he is the son of Joktan. Later, it has also been used as a feminine name.
  • Shafer: “Good.” In German, it means “manager or steward of a household.”
  • Damos: Refers to a king. It can be a variation of Damocles, of the famous anecdote ‘Sword of Damocles.’
  • Bane: It has numerous meanings like “song of consolation,” and “long-awaited child.” Also of Slavic origin meaning “glorious defender.”
  • Marqos: Aramaic form of Mark.
  • Zafir: “Victorious.”
  • Adlai: “God is just,” or “justice of God.”
  • Shamir: “Diamond.” It is also synonymous with “a sharp thorn.”
  • Faddey: “a gift given by God.” It is another form of the name Thaddeus.
  • Sagi: “Sufficient,” “mighty,” “strong,” “great” and “numerous.”
  • Nur: “Light.” The feminine form is Nura or Nohra.
  • Chanin: “Compassionate.” Also, Chanina.

Aramaic feminine names

  • Tabitha: Aramaic of the name Dorcas which means “gazelle.” It also means “clear-sighted.” She is the woman who was restored to life by Saint Peter.  Variation: Tabby.
  • Talitha: “That one little girl” or “young woman.” The name is in reference to the Biblical story in the Book of Mark where Jesus Christ resurrected a child with the word “Talitha cumi,” which means “Little girl, I say to you, arise!” 
  • Martha: “Lady or mistress of the house.” In the Bible, she is the sister of Mary and Lazarus who is said to be obsessed with house works. Variation: Marthena 
  • Samantha: “Listener.” It also means “flower” in Greek and “God-heard” in Old English.
  • Maren: A name derived from Maria which means “a star of the sea.”
  • Anina: “Let my prayer be answered” or “answer my prayer.”
  • Maya: Deriving from it’s Aramaic, Hebrew, and Spanish origin, it means “water” or “spring.” In Sanskrit, the meaning of the name Maya is “magic,” or “illusion.”
  • Miriam: It has several meanings originating from Aramaic words like “sea of bitterness” or “sea of sorrow.” It can also mean “rebellion” and “wished-for child.” In the Bible, Miriam is the sister of Moses and Aaron.
  • Tami: “Twin.” Female form of the name Thomas. In Japanese, it means “let people see benefits.”
  • Sabra: “Enduring,” “patient.” In Hebrew, it refers to a prickly pear.
  • Martie: A lady-like woman.
  • Patty or Patsy: “Lady of the house.” In Latin, it means “noblewoman.”
  • Salome: Also derived from the Hebrew word ‘shalom’ which means “peace.”
  • Shapira: “Good.”
  • Tara: “Throw” or “carry.” In Irish, it can mean “rocky hill” and “star” in Sanskrit.
  • Rebecca: “To bind,” or “to tie firmly.” It also means “one who makes a trap.” Variation: Rebekkah.
  • Adva: Also of Hebrew origin, meaning “small wave” or “ripple.”
  • Raz: a Hebrew baby name origin which means “secret.”
  • Bethany: “House of figs” or “house of affliction.” In the Bible, Bethany is the site of Lazarus’ resurrection.
  • Shai: “Gift.” It can also be used as a masculine name.
  • Shera or Sheraa: “Brightness.” It is also used in English as a variation of Sharon, Sheryl, and Sherry.
  • Xiomara: “Joyful deer.” It can also mean “famous in war” in German.
  • Merona: “Sheep” or “resembling a sheep.”
  • Nahara: “Light.”
  • Taddie: “Heart.” A variation of Thaddea and the feminine form of Thaddeus.
  • Talia or Taliah: “Lamb.” It can also mean “to bloom.”

With this wide array of choices, you can consider Aramaic names for your babies. It has a classic appeal and unique charm that transcend time and ethnicity. Some are Biblical names and some have historical origins providing mystery, uniqueness, and antiquity. Truly, a vintage touch with timeless beauty.

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