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Top Pick for Little Geniuses: Science Names for Your Baby

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Science is such an inspiring subject. It introduces many changes in the world. It teaches a wide scope of knowledge that unravels many mysteries to help people understand the universe, the world, nature, life and more. So if you have always been interested in science, you may opt to choose science names for your baby. Sounds exciting right? From names of inventors to scientific terms and more, there is a vast list of names you can choose from to fit on your little geniuses.

Science names for baby boys

Edison – In reference to Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor of the phonograph and the incandescent bulb.

Galileo – Classic and yet appealing and unique, the name is in reference to Galileo Galilee, the Italian astronomer who first study about the heavens and the phenomena that are happening outside the earth’s atmosphere. Its nickname Leo can also be a good choice.

Isaac – Isaac Newton is famous for his law of gravity. His name and his surname will definitely ring a bell to science enthusiasts, and both can be used as first names for baby boys.

Einstein – Another baby name based on the last name. The name is in reference to the German physicist Albert Einstein.

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Atlas – The name of the famous Greek Titan who was known to carry the earth on his shoulder. He is known as the titan of astronomy and navigation.

Aristotle – The Greek philosopher and scientist who made studies on physics, motion, zoology, biology, and medicine. The name also means “superior.” Its nickname Ari, can be a cute pick too. 

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Sirius – It is the brightest star in the sky. The name also means “scorcher” and “glowing” in Ancient Greek.

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Edwin – From the American astronomer Edwin Hubble, the namesake of Hubble’s Space Telescope, Hubble Deep Field and Hubble’s Law.

Clarence – From Clarence Birdeye who pioneered the technique of freezing food.

Kelvin – The unit of measurement for temperature and derived from the scientist William Lord Kelvin.

Gregor – From Gregor Mendel, the founder of modern genetics. It also means “vigilant” or “a watchman.”

Science names for baby girls

Linnea – From Carl von Linne or Carl Linnaeus, a Swedish botanist who authored a classification and naming system for over 10,000 species. The flower Linnaea is named after her.

Rachel – Originated from Rachel Carson. She is a marine biologist and environmentalist who pioneered the study about the impact of fertilizers and pesticides.

Rosalind – From Rosalind Franklin, a scientist who made her mark when she studied DNA.

Nova – A nova is an explosion on a star that makes it brighter. It also means “new star.”

Ada – From Augusta “Ada” Lovelace, considered as the first computer programmer during the first half of the 19th century. The name also means “noble.” An equally popular version of the name is Ava.

Alice – Alice Hamilton studied the effects of chemical compounds and industrial metals on the human body. She was the first appointed female faculty at Harvard University.

Andromeda – a galaxy named after the Greek princess who became a star.

Marie – From Marie Curie, a pioneer in radioactivity along with her husband. A variation, Maria, referred to Maria Mitchell, the first American woman to professionally work as an astronomer.

Aurora – This astronomy baby name has many beautiful associations. First, it was the name of one of the Disney princesses. It also pertains to the polar lights that create a streak in the skies in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. The name also means “dawn.”

A wrap-up

Unique and appealing. This is how we can describe these science names for your baby. It is associated with knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, and learning. Who knows, your baby can be the inventor of the next big thing in this modern world. 

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