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Parenting: things to do when your child refuses to go back to school

Parents believe that getting their children to school is important but most parents find it very frustrating when their child refuses to go to school. Your child refuses to go to school may be a struggle for you as a parent and because you’re getting anxious about it, you can’t find a way to get your child to go back to school.

Some parents may be worn down and give up because they are beaten by their child’s refusal. They can’t go any further because whatever they do, they can’t make their child go back to school. For that reason, they will just let their child became a school drop-out because they believe that they already did their best.

Reasons why kids refuse to go to school

Before doing any move, parents must first know the possible reasons why their children refuse to go back to school. Experts and parents found four main reasons why most children refuse to go to school and these are the following:


Your kid may be bullied or he/she might be having a hard time getting along with his/her classmates. These are some of the main reasons why kids don’t find it enjoyable in school.


Your kid might be struggling to keep up with his/her academics that’s why he/she doesn’t find school interesting. School may be a negative experience for your kid that’s why he refuses to go to school.


One of the main reasons can be your kid’s behavior as well.Kids may have some problems with following the school or classroom rules that may lead to their refusal to go to school.


Your kid might be experiencing some separation anxiety or might be affected by what’s happening in your home that may lead to their refusal to go to school.

What to do when your child refuses to go to school

As a parent, we must be patient and sympathetic to our child because we are the ones they look up to. Here are some of the ways to do when your child refuses to go back to school.

Know where the problem is coming from

For example, your child might be falling behind the class but he doesn’t know how to ask for help from his teacher which can be the root of the problem. Your child is still lacking the problem-solving skills, so as his parents, help him to identify the problem by asking him questions and talking to him like “When is your toughest time in class?” or “What subject do you find most difficult?”. You can also talk to his teacher because they see things that you don’t see when your child is in school.

Work on solutions with your child’s teachers

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your child’s teachers. When you are already feeling anxious and frustrated, and you don’t know what to do anymore, teachers often have more effective ideas that they can share to you. Talk to your child’s teachers and work as a team. They might also refer you to a guidance counselor for more support.

Be supportive of your child and use rewards

Compliment your child and acknowledge his progress, even his “baby steps”. Let him know that he is trying and he is doing a great job. You can give him positive rewards and then make it up to your child going to school every day. However, also remember that kids may also be dependent on the incentives if you do this always so give the rewards in moderation.

The  power of patience and persistence

If you are close to giving up, just be patient and persistent. We are the ones who should never give up on our children, right? Yes, there are setbacks but it will be so much rewarding to see the improvement of your child. A child who refuses to go back to school can learn and adjust to his/her environment as long as you support and coach him.

You can use the effective way of James Lehman which is “selective attention”-getting more of what you pay attention to. Remember to teach your little one to cope up, come up with a system to motivate and encourage them, and acknowledge everything that they do good. Believe you can do it!

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