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Does Sperm Determine the Gender of the Baby?

The gender of the baby might be really hard to distinguish not unless you go into an ultrasound and discover whether there will be the best chances of having a baby boy or a baby girl. You might wonder how long does it take for the sperm to reach the cervix? It is quite exciting to know the gender of the baby which is usually revealed through baby showers or through some events and parties that you plan ahead of time even before the baby comes.

Some of the reasons are odd and unusual but you could be convinced that it may be true. There might be questions roaming into your mind if sperm determines the gender of the baby. It might be a real-life matter and debate on which parents decide on what will be the gender of your baby. Somehow, if this thing occurs for real, it can be hard to accept the genes of men is the one responsible for determining your baby’s gender, specifically men’s sperm.

We may not wholly know, but here are some of the ideas that you may get and have a clue to know if does sperm determines the gender of the baby.

Does sperm determine the gender of the baby?

This question is confusing and tricky like does sperm induce labor? This has never been asked by usual and ordinary people or even your parents to their doctors. But whether in which parents contribute to the gender of the baby, it is necessary to know the real truth.

It lies behind the answer that each of the parents contributes to the genes of the baby. It is a matter and a percentage of 50:50. As we know, we are born with genes and DNA which comprise the whole of us. These genes have been divided and created while we are created by our parents through the form of intercourse. Understanding the factor that genes are the ones responsible for your gender and not only by your father’s sperm.

For instance, your mother’s side has a lot of girl members rather than boy members. This could be on the reasons why your mother could adapt the female chromosomes while she’s carrying you out making you a girl. On the other hand, it may be also that your mother has a lot of brothers who could signify and influence your genes to become males.

It’s not the chance but merely the factor of genes that are being passed through ages. Note that the chromosomes for females and males are X’s and Y’s. When an egg and sperm meet, they usually form a gene and a unique identity that will further become your DNA. Sperm is responsible for sharing this identity with the egg but can not merely say that they define what gender are you going to be or have.

For sure, we all know how the process goes with the fertilization and uniting of the egg in sperm. We have discussed it all year round during our elementary to high-school days and may have known the stages and factors that affect the process. So there is no definite fact that the sperm determines the gender of the baby because everyone gets a 50% chance of having a baby girl and a baby boy.

Another couple actually may have twin babies or quadruplets babies but the sperm doesn’t determine whether they wanted to enter the 2 ovulated eggs and split into 4. You can say that science has something to do with this but it is merely all about God’s creation too that we cannot control. Also, before birthing or anything else grab these essential oils for safe pregnancy!


Sometimes, it is pure luck that no one intended to expect. What people say is that sometimes miracles are for real and that they happen in unexpected moments. The real and right answer to the question does sperm determines the gender of the baby cannot be answered directly but partially identified as not true. You may believe in some old wive tales predicting the baby’s gender through but parents share the genes of your children which comprises of their DNA. So it’s you and your partner sharing the genes out and giving your baby an identity.

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