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Pregnancy Symptom: Reasons why Pregnant Women Snore

Have you ever wondered why you keep on snoring when you are pregnant? Does your partner keep on telling you that you’ve been snoring the whole time? Well, even though you are not a noisy type of person when you are sleeping before, it is fairly normal and common during pregnancy. Especially when a pregnant woman is in her third trimester, she is likely to snore. At least, at the very least, you have a good excuse for your partner who is actually thrilled with this new development of yours during pregnancy. Pretty much, he’ll understand, since you are bringing his child.

Snoring is major sleep destruction for you and anyone who sleeps around you especially your partner. In which, by all means, you want to know the reason why. This article will actually enlighten you about the reasons for snoring while pregnant and whether or not it is something to be worried about.

Is snoring normal to pregnant women?

Snoring is actually common to most pregnant women. Even though nobody knows exactly how well-known it is. Some women considered this as a problem, especially during the third trimester. In one study, it reveals that almost a quarter of women reportedly snore frequently and the other twenty five percent were reported snoring occasionally by the last week of their pregnancy.  

Snoring could be harmless, but in some case, it is an indication that you are actually experiencing a condition which could harm you and your baby.

Why does snoring happen during pregnancy?

If you are pregnant and worried about this routine of yours when you are sleeping, then here are the possible causes you might want to know. This is a very big help so that you’d be aware and may consult it right away to your doctor.

Swollen nasal passages

This could be one good reason to blame for your midnight tunes. Due to the increase of estrogen level to pregnant women, will most likely result in inflammation in the mucous membrane along the nasal passage. This can even cause you to produce more mucus. For this reason, your airway becomes blocked, causing you to have difficulty breathing. Also, the amount of blood in a pregnant woman’s body increases, that’s why the blood vessel actually expands. Which in result, can lead to swollen nasal membranes.


Pregnant women normally feel very tired and exhausted all the time. Even if you are just walking around the house of just talking, you feel a little bit tired. This results in a deep slumber, and in that slumber, you will more likely lose control over the throat muscles. These muscles become too comfortable and more likely to block the airways. This may cause vibrations as you breathe, and then there you are, creating a snoring sound.

Gaining of Weight

Gaining weight for most pregnant women is inevitable. You need to eat foods and you should never ignore your cravings. However, the increase in weight actually adds several fats to your throat areas and neck as well. These fats block the airways and make breathing tougher and could cause you snoring.

Colds and Allergies

Allergies, colds, and flu can also lead to snoring since these conditions are involved in nasal congestion. Pregnant women can hardly breathe if this happens.  

Sleep apnea

Snoring too loud could be one of the reasons for obstructive sleep apnea. It is actually a situation where a pregnant women’s breathing stops shortly when they are in a deep slumber due to the blocking in your airways.

Just keep in mind that snoring during pregnancy could be a condition temporarily. This is caused due to some changes in the body of a pregnant woman. If you are alarmed about how it is going with you, it is the best time to visit your doctor about it.

Risks of snoring during pregnancy

Snoring is not always a cause of concern. But if it is already, then you should know that you need to visit your doctor and talk about it. These are the known threats that may arise to the mother and the baby:

  •  Due to the inflamed blood vessels, nasal congestion or even weight gain, will limit the flow of the blood in the placenta, and it will deprive the baby of getting nutrients and blood.
  • There will be a poor outcome to the mother and the baby if snoring is habitually done. The mother would most likely include the risk of cesarean section. The baby would most likely have a low weight upon birth.
  • There is greater chance of preeclampsia due to too much snoring of pregnant women, which would most likely lead to premature labor.

What to do to stop snoring while pregnant?

If a pregnant woman snores due to a health condition, then treating the condition will most likely lessen the habitual snoring as well. If it is due to changes in the body, which all pregnant women will experience, then these are the remedies you might want to consider

  • Instead of sleeping at your back, you can try to sleep on your side and elevate your head slightly.
  • Avoid sleeping pills, alcohol and tobacco. If you are exposed to these, your airways are most likely to be blocked.
  • If possible, watch your weight. Try not to gain more than the suggested normal weight for you.
  • Use nasal sprays that are available in the pharmacy for it clears the blocked airways. Of course, you must have the doctor’s prescription first before applying.

Wrapping up

If you think you are not snoring normal, then tell your doctor about it. It is always safe to tell your doctor about what you’re going through during your pregnancy.  From the moment you wake up in the morning, to the food you eat, to the soap you will apply to your body and to the moment you sleep, everything needs to be discussed. It is not being overprotective or what, but since you are pregnant, you should not care less about every single detail you are experiencing during pregnancy.

Whatever they’re telling you that it’s normal and common, in the end, it’s always the life inside of your tummy matters. Be not afraid to face every trial. Ask whenever you feel like asking. Everything will all go well when you take care of it.

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