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Is Nail Polish Safe For Toddlers

Painting nails polish and toenails seem to be an enjoyable activity while your toddler is busy playing. There is a possibility that your kid will be curious about the colorful liquid that you are placing in your nails that is why it can’t be avoided that they will also ask you to put some nail polish on their nails as well. Before doing so, it is best to know about the safety of this nail polish because some contain dangerous chemicals. In this article, we’ll know if there is the nail polish that can be used for toddlers. 

Is nail polish Safe For Your toddler?

There is no study that links nail polish to different kinds of illnesses such as respiratory diseases, cancer, and other health problems. However, nail polish contains hazardous chemicals such as toluene, formaldehyde, and Phthalates that show off negative side effects when you are exposed in a long-term period. Kids are not usually advisable to use nail polish used by adults because they have a habit of sucking their fingers, ingesting the chemicals that are found in nail polish.

When your kids see you put paints in your nails, it can’t be avoided that they will also ask you to put nail polish on them, if you decline, they might insist and have tantrums. You don’t have to worry because nowadays, there is the nail polish that is intended to be used by toddlers. These nail polish do not contain harmful chemicals and some of them are made from all-natural and organic ingredients. 

What to do before applying nail polish to your toddler

It is best that before applying a certain product to your child, you must know the benefits and dangers that they may get from it. In general, the use of nail polish to toddlers is not necessary but using it brings joy to them. It is not only important to look after the happiness of your child but it is also important to look after their health. In choosing nail polish for toddlers, you must read the ingredients,  avoid nail polish that has harmful ingredients. 

As much as possible, choose nail products that are made from all-natural and organic ingredients because the usage of products made from it does not cause any side effects even if for long term use. Experts would say that there is no such thing as chemical-free nail polish but there is the nail polish that is made from chemicals that do not pose harm to humans and animals and these types of nail polish products that you need to patronize.

Nail polish safe for toddlers

Piggy paint 

This nail polish is made from a water-based formulation and from natural ingredients that is why you can be sure that there is no animal that was the harm in creating it. It ensures the consumers that it will not cause any problems even for long exposure. This is not only intended for toddlers but since it is hypoallergenic it is also suitable for pregnancy and patients who are suffering from severe cases such as cancer.

Priti NYC princess

This nail polish is gluten-free, cruelty-free and is vegan. All of their nail polish collections are named after different kinds of flowers with a variety of colors that is organically-made that toddlers will surely love. It is made from the USA and it undergoes tests to ensure that is safe for use by toddlers.

Kid licks

There are a lot of people that are curious about this nail polish because it is edible. Toddlers love to lick or suck their nails so even if they do this, it won’t be a problem because this nail polish is made from edible ingredients that are also organic. It comes in three flavors, the barley grass green, sour carrot orange, and the beet red. This nail polish is also washable so that the toddlers will also no longer use any nail polish remover that also a chemical but if you prefer this nail polish to stay at their hands longer, you may need to blow dry it.


This eco-friendly nail polish is characterized as odorless and toxic-free paint that is a water-based formulation that delivers a durable coating but is equipped with a peel-off formulation. This is a suitable nail polish for kids who loves to explore different kinds of colors because of its wide range of color collection. You don’t need to use any nail polish remover because you can just peel it off after days of usage making it convenient to use.

Keeki pure & simple

This nail polish is a non-toxic and biodegradable that comes in a lot of shimmering and fun colors where the toddler will truly be excited just by looking at them. Because of its safe formulation, it is suitable for everyone. All of their products are acetone-free, soy-free, gluten-free and cruelty-free. They make use of different organic and healthy oils such as Cocoa & Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Vitamin E extracts and Aloe Vera to add more benefits for the nails.

Tips in using nail polish for toddlers

There are already safe nail polish for toddlers that will not pose harm but if in any case you are not prepared for it, use these tips to ensure that the safety of your toddlers as well.

  • If in case you are not sure about the safety of the nail polish, you may just put nail polish into your toddler’s nails in small amounts or just a dot on the tip. To ensure that they will not suck their fingers, it is best to put nail polish on their toes instead.
  • The smell of some nail polish is suffocating so it is best to do the session outside of your house so that the harsh smell will not linger around the house.
  • Make sure to let your toddler wear clothes that are not fragile because it can’t be avoided that they can rub off newly painted nail into their clothes leaving markings.

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