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Pregnancy: Is it Safe to Take Hexamine or Methenamine During Pregnancy?

What is Hexamine or Methenamine? Hexamine is also called Methenamine or Methenamine Hippurate is an antibiotic medicine to prevent bladder or urinary infections and is given to adults and children starting from 6 years of age. However, some people especially pregnant women wonder if it is safe to take hexamine during pregnancy.

Methenamine is usually given after other medications, usually antibiotics, that were given to the patient to treat urinary tract infection. Methenamine dosage varies depending on the methenamine interactions that the patient experienced if there is.

Take note before taking this medicine

As mentioned earlier, the dosage of methenamine hippurate can vary. However, you should identify if you are allergic to it first before taking this medicine or if you have diseases like kidney disease, severe liver disease, asthma, or you are dehydrated. Also, tell your doctor if you had a history of allergy to aspirin or yellow food dye.

Methenamine and pregnancy

Methenamine is also known as Hiprex. Methenamine during pregnancy or Hiprex during pregnancy can possibly harm your unborn baby especially when you take this medicine during your early pregnancy. You can’t be sure if it is safe to take hexamine during pregnancy and there is no exact research to identify whether this medicine can really harm your baby if you take it during your last three months of pregnancy. However, the drug class of methenamine is quite dangerous for pregnant women.

It is wiser to tell your doctor if you are currently pregnant or you are planning to get pregnant so he or she can give you the right medication. Inform your doctor as well if you are breastfeeding.

How must you take this medicine?

If you are allowed to take Hexamine hippurate or methenamine, you must remember to follow all the directions given by your doctor and read all the medication guides carefully. Understand the instructions and drink it as directed.

Do not take more methenamine or any Hiprex alternative if you are not prescribed. Doing this will not make it more effective yet it may cause you to have the methenamine side effects such as pain, increased urination, blood in your urine, and bladder irritation. If you are giving methenamine to a child, break the tablet into half. Meanwhile, remember to always drink plenty of water while you’re taking this medicine. While taking this medicine, your doctor may ask you to drink other medicine or certain types of juices like cranberry juice to make your urine more acidic.

Furthermore, remember to take the medicine within the length of time given to you by your doctor and complete it even if you notice a quick improvement in your condition. Do not skip a dose because it can increase your chances of having an infection. Keep in mind that methenamine doesn’t also treat illnesses like flu or cold. Do not rely on your instinct or belief if it is safe to take hexamine during pregnancy. Methenamine can also affect the results of some medical tests especially when you are pregnant so you must inform your doctor if you are taking this medicine.

Storage of methenamine hippurate must be at room temperature. Also, close the bottle tightly when it is not in use. Moreover, do not share the medicine you take with another person even if they are experiencing similar symptoms as you.

The side effects of methenamine

People often wonder about the safety of hexamine during pregnancy. Taking this medicine, we should know about its side effects. The common side effects of this medicine may include vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea, and loss of appetite. You may also experience pain or difficulty in urinating while taking methenamine. Remember that you must report or tell your doctor right away if you are experiencing these side effects so he/she can lower your dosage or change your medicine.

Also, keep in mind that your doctor may have given you this medicine because he/she had judged that its benefit to you may be greater than its side effects. Most people taking this medicine, on the other hand, do not really have some serious side effects. Tell your doctor right away if ever you are experiencing serious side effects like unusual headache, mouth sores, ringing in your ears, muscle cramps, and swelling of your arms or legs.

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