Is 19 a good age to have a baby? Is 22 a good age to have a baby? Well, is there really a “good” or “right age” to get pregnant and have a baby? Most people ask these questions because obviously nowadays, most women are getting pregnant and are starting a family with a partner at an early age. Everyone will have different answers to these questions because they have different beliefs. Some may base the best age to have a baby, financially and some may base the best age to have a baby, biologically. What is really the best age to have a baby? 

One of the most beautiful blessings that a woman can have is to create a life. However, it comes with a continuously ticking clock. Well, no one can actually give you the best age to get pregnant because every woman’s body is different from another. There are women who are not aware of their chances of getting pregnant and their biological clock. Some women, on the other hand, are fertile in their 20s but are not ready for parenting. Some aren’t even ready in their early 30s because they think that it will give them a hard time especially having a baby and not being financially ready or emotionally and mentally ready. Thus, experts and mothers agree that there is no right age for pregnancy after marriage or even before marriage. 

The best age depends on you

The best age to get pregnant for a woman varies as long as she is physically, emotionally, financially, and mentally ready. Here are some of the experiences of mothers and the opinions of experts to help find what is the best age to have a baby for you. 

Getting pregnant before your 20s

Having a baby at 18 or younger is not ideal. However, it’s undeniable that women are the most fertile at this age range. Dr. McDonald said that there is a lower risk of having gestational diabetes and hypertension, getting pregnant before your 20s because you are at a lower weight but you may be included in the highest risk of preeclampsia. A woman from Atlanta shared that she got pregnant at the age of 18 which is really hard and stressful for her. Her children are still a blessing but she emphasized that if she waited a bit longer, she might be more knowledgeable, patient, and careful. 

Getting pregnant between 20-25

Having a baby at 20 or having a baby at 22 years old until 25 is still adviseable. Women at this age range are still very fertile and they have a chance of getting pregnant each month by 25%, as most experts say. However, finances may still be a problem or college because some women are still studying at this age. A mother from Florida had her first baby when she was 20 years old and it was much easier because she was in shape. However, she experienced more problems and complications when she got pregnant for the second time. She said that there is really not right time on having a baby because “whether it is planned or not, it will never be easy”. Medically, there are similar pros and cons of having a baby at 22 until 25. Most women can be pregnant every month at a 25% chance. 

Getting pregnant between 30-35 

Minkin, M.D., an OB-GYN at Yale University, said that between your 30s until 35 years old, there is a decrease in your fertility but it’s still not absolute. You can still be pregnant but you have to decide with your partner how many kids you want for pregnancy may be harder for your age. Having a baby in your early 30s can give you time to enjoy your young adult years. For two women in New York and Virginia, they established their careers first before getting pregnant at their 30s that became a good start for their family. However, they also noted that if a married couple what’s to have more kids than 1 or 2, they should start earlier. 

A Note to remember

Basically, experts and mothers nod that there is no right answer on what is the best age to have a baby. Some may believe that it is probably in the early 20s, biologically. Meanwhile, there are still a lot of things to consider before starting a family. The best thing you can do is to do what you feel is right for yourself. 

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