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Pregnancy Pains and Aches: Are Growing Pains During Pregnancy Real?

We are all aware of the pain associated with delivery and labor. But are you conscious of the pain that you can feel with the rest of your pregnancy? Are you familiar with the growing pains that a pregnant woman might experience? Are growing pains during pregnancy real? Well, let’s find out!

Pregnancy issues

Are growing pains during pregnancy real? Yes, this is possible. Your body is experiencing many changes since it is still adapting to the growing baby inside you. These changes might cause discomfort, and it can be stressful. To help you understand these pains, here are some of the pregnancy issues that you might experience.

The round ligament pain

Are growing pains during pregnancy real? Yes, and one of the illnesses that you might experience is the round ligament pain. You will experience sharp and stabbing pain in your lower belly. This pain is more likely to start in the second trimester of the pregnancy. You don’t have to worry too much because this pain is harmless and will surely fade away once you are done resting and also when you change your position. But if you notice that the pain gets worse and doesn’t disappear, then this is the best time to call for a doctor’s help.


Headache is one of the pain that you might experience in your pregnancy journey. You will surely feel a squeezing pain in your head. Again, you don’t have to worry because this is normal, especially when you are on your first trimester of pregnancy. There are no exact reasons why pregnant women are suffering from headaches, but some expert says that hormonal changes have something to do with this situation.


One of the pains that you might experience is the pain associated with heartburn. This is commonly called acid indigestion. During this situation, you can experience the burning feeling in your chest right after you eat. This is said to be because of the hormonal changes and different physical changes that you are going through during your pregnancy journey.


Are growing pains during pregnancy real? This is possible. And one of the things that you might experience is the pain associated with hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are renowned as the swollen blood vessels found in your rectal area. They are painful and itchy. Also, hemorrhoids are said to be the cause of rectal bleeding.

The lower back pain

Another difficulty that you might experience during your pregnancy is lower back pain. This is more likely because your body is still adjusting to the physical and hormonal changes that you are going through. The expansion of the uterus is also a factor that can trigger your lower back pain. You also have to keep in mind that you are carrying extra weight, which can add stress to the joints, which can trigger the worst feeling on your back.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is also possible

Are you one of those people who are currently experiencing the tingling sensation and numbness in your hands? If yes, then you are more likely dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome. This situation is usually defined as the aches and pains in your fingers, hands, and wrists. This is also said to be very common for pregnant women. Carpal tunnel syndrome can lead to the discomfort that can extend to your upper arm as well as your forearm.

Leg cramps

Most of the pregnant women experience this situation during their second and third trimester of pregnancy. This situation may get even worse when your pregnancy starts to progress, and your belly becomes bigger. You have to watch out for this pain since it can interfere with your ability to have a good sleep.

Are growing pains during pregnancy real? With the things mentioned above, we hope that you were enlightened about the reality of the pains associated with these situations. You have to keep in mind that once you feel that the pain is not tolerable anymore, then it is the best time to consult a doctor. We are hoping for a safe and healthy pregnancy journey for you.

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