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Sex Before and During Pregnancy


Sex is a great thing for pregnant women; whether it is doggy style, missionary or cowgirl. Pregnant women can do it and enjoy it and at the same time benefiting their growing baby in a surprising way!

Sex is during pregnancy is safe; it doesn’t cause complications to the woman’s body in any way not it does cause any miscarriages.

However, due to the common old wife’s tale that pregnant women should obtain from anything that might be considered rigorous in terms of the activity, even in sexual activities, women and their spouses might be a little troubled in lovemaking when it comes to making the baby as safe as possible.

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Whether you are trying to conceive a baby or making sure your baby is safe during sex, it is vital to know the essence of safe sex positions for pregnant women and best sex positions that can help increase the chances of pregnancy.

Although many couples have testified to the efficacy of certain sex positions in conceiving a baby, there are still no current studies concerning the best sex positions in conceiving a baby, and thus there are still topics that are not backed up by science.

Nonetheless, there are different safe sex positions for pregnant women to try, and these sex positions are proven to be safe and cause no complications to the baby.

Benefits of sex before and during pregnancy

There are many several known benefits that sex can induce in the body, these effects have been profound to have a better, happy and long-lasting life, some of the benefits of sex during pregnancy are as follows:

  • Lowered stress levels and better mood, sex during pregnancy can be a fun and delightful experience that spouses can do, sex releases serotonin and oxytocin from the body; lowering stress hormones that can induce a better; relaxed and happy mood overall.
  • Easier Labor and Recovery, this is one of the best benefits of sex during pregnancy, even if it seems counterintuitive. Sex during pregnancy stimulates the movements of the woman’s pelvic floor, the contracting pelvic area could result in a more stronger pelvic muscles which are essential during labor, it is the main muscle that contracts and pushes the baby out, other positive effects of the strengthening of the pelvic muscles are the lowering the chances of vaginal leakage and frequent urination in women.
  • Good form of Exercise, sex is a great physical activity for partners to sweat on, it burns calories, keeps your heart pounding, releases endorphins and sweat from your body and requires active participation, sex during pregnancy is a great form of exercise because it does all of that.

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  • Sex during Pregnancy lessens the risk of viral and bacterial infections; sex can be a great way to boost the body’s immune system; it makes the immune function better; killing all bad bacteria and viruses before they can spread inflammation in the body.
  • It can certainly help your psychological bond with your partner; sex is not just about the physical sensations you feel but it’s also about trust and love, there is a vulnerability when naked especially if the woman is pregnant; it can create trust; understanding, and commitment and at the same time igniting the passion of the spouses.
  • Sex during pregnancy can lower blood pressure and can; in turn, prevent the woman’s chances of developing cardiovascular diseases.
  • Better Sex Life, sex during pregnancy can be amazing! It is far from normal regular sex this is due to the woman’s body; increasing hormonal fluctuations which increases the sensitivity of your vulva; it results in more intense, pleasurable and fun sex for both of the partners.

Sex positions for pregnant women

Sex positions that are suitable for pregnant women are simple, as long as those positions are comfortable for the woman, it is safe and healthy.

Always remember that great sex is great sex when it is made out of love and consent; sex is a great exploration of one’s own body and your partner’s body; don’t be afraid to try out things.

Some of the good sex positions for pregnant women are:

  • Spooning/side by side sex
  • Doggy style
  • Anal sex
  • Oral sex
  • Missionary
  • Cowgirl
  • Standing position
  • Kama Sutra sex positions

Sex position for women trying to get pregnant

Although there are still no studies to back up the claims that certain sex positions can do good when conceiving a baby, it’s a theory that certain sex positions can provide better penetration of the penis into the vaginal canal which increases the chance of a sperm ovulating an ovum.

Other doctors have also studied this by using an image scanning during the sexual intercourse of the partners and have shown that some sex positions can provide better penetration, some of the sex positions good for conceiving a baby are:

  • Missionary sex position; the most common type of sex position where the man is on top; penetrating the woman.
  • Doggy style position, another type of sex position wherein the man is penetrating the woman’s vagina behind.

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  • CAT of Coital Alignment Technique. This type of sex position is good in assisting deep penile penetration and at the same time assists a progressive form of female orgasm; it is like a type of gravity-assisting type of missionary position; this sex position also requires the woman to work together with the man to perform a humping with rhythm.
  •  A wheelbarrow sex position is another type of sex position that has good penile penetration.
  • A reverse Cowgirl sex position is also a good way to conceive a baby and also a great sex position that makes female orgasms better.
  • Rear entry is another sub-type of doggy style sex position wherein the woman lies back in the bed as the man penetrates behind him; it is a great way for the penis to enter the cervix.

Final notes

Sex during and before pregnancy can be a great thing to do, it has numerous amounts of health benefits and it does no harm to the baby, however, if you feel any pain during sex especially around your vagina or if you haven’t conceived a baby after your intercourse, it is vital to seek a doctor immediately.

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