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The Safest Belly’s Position During Pregnancy When Sleeping


Pregnancy can change everything — one of the significant changes in the sleeping patterns and your belly’s position during pregnancy. The usual sleeping habits you have in the past will no longer be appropriate when you are pregnant. You need a whole new approach to get quality sleep.

Your trimester challenge

The following are the challenges you will be facing and you must prepare for:

First-trimester challenge

The first trimester is the period of pregnancy, where the increase of progesterone levels is happening. The sex hormone is active and can lead to the longing of naps during the day. You need to take a siesta whenever possible. Sleeping is a basic necessity for a pregnant mother. A pregnant mother needs to bring sleep to balance the energy. If an expectant mom doesn’t get sleep, she can quickly get exhausted even in small tasks. The first trimester is the opening salvo of discomfort. The different changes in your body that make your sleeping positions not comfortable.

Second-trimester challenge

It is called the ‘honeymoon stage of pregnancy’ because this is the stage where the hormones start to stabilize. These are the hormones that support your cravings during the first trimester. Frequent visits to the bathroom will happen because there will be a reduction of pressure in your bladder since your womb moves away from the pelvis. Hence, there will be a little relief from your first trimester.

In week 13 to week 27, you going to struggle with leg cramps, heartburn, indigestion, snoring, sleep apnea, and restless leg syndrome. At night time where you want to settle in bed, you will note some small baby kicks and moving around.

Third-trimester challenge

The honeymoon stage will start to end, and you will find yourself experiencing some lousy sleep quality. It is essential that you will be cautious in this stage of pregnancy. Poor sleeping can lead to postpartum depression.

More often, you will visit the bathroom because the growing baby is putting pressure on your bladder. It seems you are getting back to your first-trimester stage. The baby will be kicking, and sleep issues will be lingering.

Finding the Good Belly’s Position During Pregnancy When Sleeping

It will be a recommendation that in the early part of your pregnancy, state to make it a habit that you will sleep on your side. Lying down on your side then bend your knees is the most comfortable position. The sleeping position will make your heart to function easier as it can keep the weight of the baby from putting pressure to the large vein that can bring the blood quickly back to the heart from your feet and legs. 

Most of the doctors give the recommendation that pregnant mothers should sleep on the left side. It will keep your uterus safe off from your large liver which is located at the right side of your abdomen. When sleeping at the left side, you will improve the blood circulation to the heart and let the blood to stream correctly to the fetus, uterus, and kidney.

Never drive yourself and think crazy because you worry that you might roll over onto your back while sleeping at night. Shifting sleeping positions is a normal and natural part of sleeping. More likely, during the third trimester, your body can hardly move sleeping positions because it will not be too uncomfortable. 

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When you uncontrollably shift sleeping position, you will feel discomfort, and it will wake you up. It is also best to dialogue with your doctor and recommend the type and specification of a pillow that can support you while you sleep.

Pillows can be helpful. There are different types and specifications of pillows depending on the purpose and use. Pregnant moms will find that placing pillow under the abdomen or between the legs will be a relief and comfort. Placing bunched-up of pillows and rolled-up blanket at the back can also relieve some pressure. Today, there are several ‘pregnancy pillows’ you can but in home department stores. These pillows are designed according to the needs of pregnant women based on the challenges they are experiencing during pregnancy. Talk to your doctor to give you the proper advice.

Effects of wrong belly’s position during pregnancy when sleeping

There can be effects that a pregnant mom should be aware when you are not careful about your belly’s position during pregnancy:

  • You can experience breathing difficulties
  • Possible digestive system issues
  • Development of hemorrhoids.
  • Experience of bad snoring.
  • You can probably get back pains as the abdomen will create pressure on your spine.
  • Possibility of swelling.
  • You may feel dizziness.
  • Lowering of blood pressure that can affect your baby by the low-down of blood circulation.
  • High risk to stillbirth.

It is a severe challenge for mothers that are not used to sleeping on side technique. Since most pregnant women can potentially suffer from insomnia, then changing sleeping positing to satisfy the belly’s position during pregnancy can contribute to the suffering. Here are some tips that you can consider to help you get comfortable in the inconvenient belly position:

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  • Get to the book store, buy and read the most boring book, magazine, or any reading material. Some can be taken on the app of your smartphone. By reading sleeping-motivation materials, the pregnant mom will surely fall asleep easier.
  • Writing can be a motivation for an expectant mom to get to sleep quickly. Write a journal before sleeping. Express and let those negative vibes get out of your mind so you can sleep tight.
  • Walking at a minimum of half an hour every day can help you improve your sleeping habits.
  • You can enroll yourself in prenatal yoga class. The light exercise is best to relieve all the stress.
  • A pregnant mom can have herself a massage.
  • Avoid eating spicy food.
  • Avoid drinking high caffeine drinks.
  • Drink less water before going to bed.

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