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Spending Wisely 10 Things i Always Buy in Bulk to Save Money?

Some people don’t want to buy in bulk since they say that it costs more than those that are individually packaged. Are they serious? With simple divisions and additions, it is so easy to assess that they can save a lot of money when they bulk buy items for their homes. Yes, they might be paying more today, but they can get more items that can last for weeks or even months! That’s a lot of savings, but of course, without sacrificing quality. 

Want to save some? Here’s a list of 10 things I always buy in bulk to save money. 

Things you can buy in bulk

Toilet paper and paper towels

Toilet paper is considered a staple in every household so no one wants the hassle of supplies to run out. Getting them in bulk will not just give you an ample supply, it can stay in the closet for months. A report shows it can save you up to 50% compared to buying in singles.

Paper towels are also a staple in the kitchen and the bathroom and you might just want to stock up on this too.

Bath soap and hand soap

Who doesn’t use soap multiple times a day? Just a tip, you can buy stylish and durable dispensers for hand soap for controlled used. Bath soaps can be purchased in large packs of multiple pieces. That’s 40% savings as compared when you buy in regular size bottles and individual packs that can only last for a week.

Shampoo and conditioner

Another staple for body’s hygiene and health purposes, shampoo and conditioner can be bought in large containers like gallons. That’s a lot of savings compared to those that are in regular-sized bottles.

Laundry and dishwashing detergent

Why not buy detergents on large volume? Just transfer it in in smaller empty containers for easier use. A family, especially big households wash clothes every week or more so stocking up is cheaper in the long run. Also, every meal requires dish cleaning so dishwashing detergent is often used. Buying these items in volume can save you up to 15%.

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Toothbrushes and toothpaste 

Dentists recommended regular replacement of toothbrushes so you can never go wrong on stocking on toothbrushes for sudden replacements or unexpected overnight stays of guests.

Toothpaste is another staple that you can also buy it in bulk in larger tubes. That can save you about 50% of the original costs in regular sizes in the long run. You can also include mouthwash in larger bottles.

Trash bags

Trash can accumulate every day indoors, and outdoors. No need to search for used sacks or large plastic bags, you can always neatly tuck your trash using trash bags that you can buy in bulks at a cheaper price and more so with discounts. 

Vitamins and supplements

More than one family member takes vitamins and supplements on a daily basis. Use some easy calculations and be sure that you can take up all the contents of a bulk purchase before the expiry date. That’s lesser trips to the pharmacy.

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Check on the label for the expiry date and you can purchase cereals to stock up on your pantry. Store it properly to avoid contamination. Depending on a household’s staple, you can substitute cereals with other foods to buy in bulk like rice or pasta.


If you have a baby in the house and you can’t use washable cloth diapers always, buying disposable diapers in bulk is a must as babies need diaper changes as often as necessary. Opt for those that are made from natural materials for easier disposal. 

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Sanitary napkins and tampons

Grab the opportunity when these feminine products are on its best low prices and stock up for future use. You can also add in panty liners and feminine wipes in the list.

Final words

Your primary reason why you bulk buy is to save money in the long run. These 10 things I always buy in bulk are on my list to save money. You can adjust and make your own list too.  Avoid impulse buying and do not end up wasting money by purchasing unnecessary items.

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