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Boys Haircuts to Make Toddlers More Lovable

Boys’ Haircuts to Make Toddlers More Lovable

Oh, isn’t your boy just so cute and so handsome? He always catches anyone’s hearts with her antics and playful ways. Aside from cute pants, rompers, and shoes, a good hairstyle for kids completes their appearance. It does not only make him more appealing, but it also makes him look more neat and clean.

Parents always want to make their kids look their best. With these toddler haircuts for boys, you have a wide range of choices to choose from. 

When can a boy have his haircut?

Experts say that if your baby is born with thick, luscious hair, he can have his first by his eighth month. For those who are born bald or with fine hair, he can have his first trim as he turns two. There is no certain age. As we have always say, caring for babies varies from one to another. And getting their first haircut is just the same. How can we say that it is time to give your child a trim?

  • When hair gets in your baby’s eyes or bothersome on his neck
  • When fly-aways are growing out like wings.
  • The time that people have mistaken your son as a girl!

Your toddler’s first haircut

Toddlers’ first haircut is a milestone you may want to document. While parents are excited about this exciting first, having the hair cut is hard and stressful for the kids’ part. Seeing themselves in the midst of strangers with scissors, razors, and everything in an unfamiliar place can be bothersome.

Here are some tips to make the first, and even the succeeding haircuts less of a challenge.

  • Be prepared. Kids don’t like surprises. And a haircut, especially for the first time is surprising them. Prepare them for that big day by letting them watch videos of young boys getting their hair cut. You can explain it by using the term as ‘trimming or styling’ the hair as it is less frightening than the word ‘cut.’

It is better if the day of his hair cuts to coincide with his father’s appointment to the salon too. The father can have his hair done so that the boy can see it and will be prepared for his turn. They can also spend some time in the salon before the day so as to watch other kids getting their trims.

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  • Choose a salon where your kid can be more relaxed and comfortable. There is a kids’ salon that makes a boy’s haircut exciting. It is complete with toys and racer car seats to divide their attention from the scissors.

If this is not available, you can set an appointment for barbers who can work well with children.

  • You can bring an extra shirt. Some kids may not like the cape in the shop. But you can always tell them that superheroes wear capes!
  • Pick a time that is good for your kids. It surely can’t be naptime or snacktime since children tend to stick to their routines and breaking them for getting his hair cut might end up in tears and tantrums.
  • You can distract them with their favorite toys or treats. An older brother, the father or grandpa can converse or sing to him and do the trick.
  • The first haircut can be a simple trim. Let the child feel not overwhelmed. 

Hair cut picks for male toddlers

If you think that you’re toddler is ready and relaxed and he has got used to visiting the barbershop. Here are some hairstyles you, or maybe he can choose from.

Crew cut. A simple that never goes out of style, not only on adults but on kids too. The sides are cut short while the top is a little longer. It is easy to style and suits all ages so he can be twinning with his dad or older brother. This fits thick hair since it will have a natural volume and can get that tousled finish on its own.

Faux hawk cut. This is a version of mohawk for little boys. Unlike the adult mohawk, the sides are buzzed short and not shaved. The central section is slightly longer. The spiky faux hawk effect can be achieved using kiddie gels. This is a popular choice for a cool and grown-up look.

Toddler fade. It is trendy with an athletic appeal. It is short, thus it is low-maintenance. This style is great for active boys and busy parents too. A barber can easily make the style and you can maintain it even at home by shaving the sides.

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Afro. This is a perfect boy’s haircut for toddlers with curly hair. It is versatile and a classic favorite. The sides can be shaved in a taper fade. This looks better by moisturizing it regularly with hair oils.

Disconnected cut. The style creates a contrasting look between shaved short sides and a long top. It creates a fringe effect but remains manageable. It is versatile and suits curly or straight hair, either thin or thick. 

Fringe hairstyle. It is a modern take of the 80’s mushroom cut but is much shorter and layered to give dimensions. This fits better on boys with fine, straight hair and looks good as is or styled with gel for extra texture. 

Natural curly hair. Leaving that curly locks natural and untamed can also be a good option for your little boy. Avoid using a hairbrush and use your fingers or combs to prevent frizz. Use moisturizing oils to maintain it healthy.

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Pompadour. This is a stylish boy haircut for toddlers and adults too. It is attention-grabbing that gives a performer look. Suitable for thick hair, the windswept look creates style revealing the little man in your child.

Quiff. This is an adult style and looks good on toddlers too. This has short back and sidecuts that are perfect for those with straight hair. A little gel or pomade in the front section will do the trick to form the quiff.  Comb the sides flat. 

The Side-part. It brings the retro vibe and is fitting for boys with straight hair. It is a classic boy hair cut that is styled using a fine comb and gel for a polished look. 

Spiky hair. Perfect for kids with thick hair, this is another attention-grabbing favorite. This fits kids who are into sport or those who have playful personalities. You can defend on strong-hold gels to create the look.

Hard part. This style is also known as the razor part. To create the look, a clean line is produced using a razor in the hair parting. 

The proper choice of hairstyle can help enhance your child’s personality. You can never go wrong with these boy’s haircuts for toddlers as it exudes not just style but also a lovable personality. Looking at these hairstyles can give you a glimpse of how your little boy will look like when he is a full-grown man.

Don’t grow up too fast, kids! 

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