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Taking a Bath While Pregnant: is it Something to Worry About?

Upon finding out that you are expecting is a great joy and privilege. Everyone’s around you is also excited about the new bundle of joy. However, the time you found out that you are pregnant is also the moment you have to do necessary adjustments in all aspects especially in your habits or lifestyles. One of these is your hygiene preferably taking a bath. You may be asking if can you take a bath while pregnant, this article will enlighten your mind.

You may think that it is a big NO to take a bath while pregnant. Nothing to worry about this is an only mere tale. Having baths are safe for pregnancy, only when you follow the necessary steps.

Pregnant women bathwater’s temperature concerns  

The purpose of why you should not use hot tubs is that if the water is above the temperature of your body, possible issues can happen in your baby (particularly in the 1st trimester). This may cause of increasing temperature in the side of the mother that can lower the blood flow and may end up Stress. Another possible effect os the dropping of the blood pressure, that may end up depriving the baby in the womb to get the nutrients and oxygen, if worsen may lead to miscarriage. Then, the mom could also experience some dizziness or weakness. The 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit is the normal temperature to keep in mind. More than this is already risky. 

However, other mothers use water as a way of relieving pain during labor. During this time, the temperature is strictly monitored and keep it around 100-degree mark, this is for the safety of both the mom and the baby. This type of pain relief is second to epidural anesthesia, that is why it becomes famous.

One of the purposes, why moms use the bathtub in pregnancy, is to ease the pain or as a pain reliever. It is not difficult to relax in the water. As the weight will be lifted by the water’s buoyancy, the aching parts would be relaxed. 

Is it safe to take a hot bath when you’re pregnant?

Can you take a bath while pregnant? Pregnant women are not advised to take a bath that is equally hot for more than 10 minutes. Because if it exceeds the body temperature that is about 101°F or 102°F it may lead to hyperthermia. This condition takes place when the body absorbs more heat than it can withstand repel. Study shows that a high core body temperature can cause neural tube defects (particularly in the early pregnancy period). 

How to take a bath when pregnant?

You may be starting to research and gather some tips about pregnancy, like about taking a bath while pregnant. Most pregnant women are advised by their doctors not have a very hot bath as it has some bad effects on the babies and the mom. At the same time, if you spend a long time in hot water, the risk of having vaginal infections can arise. Yet, taking a bath in warm water is much safer for the baby at the same time it can relieve swollen legs and arms, improve the body’s amniotic fluid and make you feel more relaxed while soaked.

  • Have someone free to help you get in and out of the tub.

is to avoid the potential of falling and slipping. Ask someone like your partner or a member of the family to assist you lower in the tub. You should also ask some support as you go out, so any accident or falling or tripping can be avoided.

  • See to it that the water is not warmer than 98 °F (36.7 °C). 

bathwater must be kept warm and not so hot, as it can cause some complications and issues as mentioned above. You should keep your water warm, 98.6 degrees can be a perfect temperature, again just warm bathwater not hot. If you could meet these criteria, taking a bath while pregnant is not an issue, you can even do it multiple times a day, especially if you are experiencing backache. A way to measure the water temperature is by putting a bathtub toy thermometer. Allow it to float first then read the water hotness and you can adjust if needed.

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  • Use a towel and a bath mat to avoid slipping hazards. 

you prepare the bathtub, lay down a bath mat and keep clean fresh towels near. The tripping and slipping hazards will be cut down or avoided upon doing so. You can use a plastic mat with grips since this can stick easily to your bathroom floor. For you retain the traction while bathing, have some adhesive plastic grips right at the bottom part of the tub.

  • Add some Epsom salts and apple cider vinegar to the water. 

A mixture of ¼ cup apple cider vinegar plus few tablespoons of Epsom salts can create a tranquil or calming soak. These natural elements are proven safe for babies or affect your pregnancy. Instead, this mixture can aid your water for a more relaxing soak.

  • Limit bubble baths to twice a month. 

you have lots of bubble baths in a month, it can cause some infections and irritation in the vagina (regardless of being pregnant). The more you have to be careful if you’re pregnant and limit your bubble baths while you take a bath. Twice a month is a good recommendation.

  • Soak for no more than 1 hour.

should always keep in mind to avoid soaking or staying in a bathtub for over an hour. This is to cut down the infection risks, and an hour soak is enough to ease some pains like swollen limbs while giving your pregnant body a relaxing time or moment.

There is no way to get unwind after a tiring and strenuous day but to take a luxurious bath. But, if you are expecting, it is the time to be more carefully consider your safety first more than anything. Above all, your wonders have been cleared if ‘can you take a bath while pregnant’ or end up soaking into your bathtub.

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