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The 6 Stupidest Things That Have Ever Been Said About Breastfeeding

The best way to nourish a baby is through breastfeeding. It is God’s natural way for mothers to feed their babies. This is why many women opt to breastfeed their babies. Unluckily, there are those who do not understand the importance of breastfeeding or maybe, how breastfeeding is done. These resulted in discouraging statements made by anti-breastfeeding advocates.

Here are the 6 stupidest things that have ever been said about breastfeeding.

“Pumping milk in the toilet is better than doing it in a hotel room.”

A mother attending a work seminar in a hotel needs to pump breast milk for her baby. She requested a private room in the hotel to do it which the reception desk answered with rudeness and then suggesting doing it in the toilet. The mother disagrees saying if adults cannot eat or drink in the toilet, why allow babies to do so? The hotel’s general manager apologized not after she pumps her breast in the busy lobby after given no alternative.

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“Breastfeeding is easy.”

This statement doesn’t apply to all. There are just times and cases when breastfeeding is not that easy. Breastfeeding is not only awkward to some who see but it also feels physically painful at times to breastfeeding mothers. It was mothers’ love that drives her to continue the process and sacrifice just for the sake of her babies’ nourishment.  A fact that proves that it is not easy is that although some women choose to do it, they are just physically unable to breastfeed. But whether you are a breastfeeding or a bottle-feeding mother is not the matter. It simply shows how much you love your baby and how you desire to nourish her. 

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“Breastfeeding a baby boy is “inappropriate and gross” and is equivalent to molestation.”

Another anti-breastfeeding in public action happened when a woman breastfeeding her baby boy in a fast-food restaurant was met with an unknown text message saying that what she is doing is “inappropriate and gross” as it equates to molestation. Well, many breastfeeding advocates just don’t see the message sender’s point.

“Breastmilk and formula are pretty much the same these days.”

Was the one who said this was just born yesterday? We are not against formula milk but even makers of formula milk can attest that this statement is not true. There are many benefits women and babies can get in breastfeeding. Breast milk is believed to be tailored to each baby to meet their needs while formula milk is considered as a one size fits all. Breastmilk is also full of antibodies and immune-boosting properties that are not found in formula milk.

“Just feed the baby at home!”

This is just another argument against breastfeeding in public. It looks like the one who said this thinks that no breastfeeding mothers should be allowed to go out. What if she’s out for emergency reasons? What if she is out because he needs to buy something for her family? What if he needs to do some errands? 

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“Please breastfeed outside because you might spurt milk all over the dresses.”

When a nursing wedding bride to be set an appointment in a wedding couture shop, she calls and asked politely if she can bring her baby and nurse her in the shop. The owner disagrees saying she might just spurt milk all over the dresses. Since she already falls in love with the dress she saw in the shop, she continues with the appointment. She was met with the same resistance when her baby girl needs to be fed. The owner suggested to do it on the street.

Final words

These are some of the stupidest things that have ever been said about breastfeeding. It can be disheartening that can offend breastfeeding mothers. Always remember, a breastfeeding mother is nourishing a life. A responsible mother put her baby’s needs in topmost priority. They might need your understanding and stand by the sacrifices she made for her little darling.

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