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13 Most Unique and Cool Names That Mean Small, Little, Or Tiny

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Well, it’s never an easy task what to name your little angel. With a plethora of unique, cool, beautiful, charming and cute names available, how can you choose the best? Also, a lot of things play into the discussion while picking the name. if the given name has a dreadful rhyme, children in your baby’s school can use it to bully him. Or if the baby’s name is too simple to have a moniker, the name wouldn’t get interested and love from everyone. Also, if the baby’s name is more difficult to pronounce or spell, then your child will forever be correcting people. Thus, your best choice is to choose a name that has a good and interesting meaning. One of the cute suggestions today is naming your baby with names that mean small, little, or tiny.

The following are of the girls and boy names meaning small but mighty that you might want to consider:


This name has a meaning that’s unknown for sure. As early as the 6th century, the name was used in Brittany and perhaps has a meaning of either “handsome” or “little rock” in Breton.


One of the male names meaning small or little father” from the Gothic atta “father”. ATTILA was the first name of the 5th-century ruler of the Huns, wandering people from Central Asia who had extended into Eastern Europe in the 4th century. This name was birthed to him by his supernatural-language subjects in Eastern Europe, and Avithohol may have been his true name.


This name in Persian has a meaning of “little father”. BABAK was the name of the ancestor of Ardashir, the originator of Persia’s Sassanid Empire. Also, this was the name of 9th-century powerful kingpin Babak Khorramdin.


This is one of the names that mean a tiny warrior or in Latin, this means “little boot”. This was a moniker for the Roman ruler Gaius Caesar Germanicus which was given to him by his childhood by his father’s guardsmen.


Among the names that mean small, little, or tiny and in part of the French first name Cendrillon, this has a meaning of “little ashes”. Cinderella was the main character of the folk tale about a mistreated young girl who eventually gets married to a prince. This old fairytale is popular in the English-speaking countries from the French writer Charles Perrault’s 1697 edition. CINDERELLA has other labels in other dialects, with the meaning of “ashes”, such as Italian Cenerentola and German Aschenputtel.


This small girl best name means “little goddess” from Sanskrit देवी, (Devi) has a meaning of “goddess” and the क (ka) means “little”.


This nickname for tiny girl means “small raven”. An Irish patron who died of yellow plague had this name in the 7th century.


This means “little rough one” from the Irish garbh “rough” merged with a small suffix. The small name meaning of an Irish saint in the 7th-century.


Joktan is probably of the words meaning little or in Hebrew, means small”. Also, this is the name of the son of Eber in the Old Testament.


The Japanese word 小 (ko) means “small” or 心 (ko) which means “heart” shared with 春 (Haru) which has a meaning of “spring”. The complex word 小春 which means “late summer”. Other mixtures of kanji personalities can create this name too.


This is one of the unique girl names that have a meaning of “little blackbird”, from the Irish Gaelic lon “blackbird” merged with a small suffix.


This is one of the names that mean small, little, or tiny or in Georgian, this has a meaning of “little father”.


This short type of names that mean small, little, or tiny that end in NINA is GIANNINA and ANTONINA. In the 19th century, the name was introduced to Western Europe from Italy and Russia. Also, the name corresponds with the Spanish word niña which means “little girl”.

Now, for sure you’re questioning how can names that mean small, little, or tiny be an interesting baby name? Well, it’s after focusing on the little things you achieve success in everything you’re doing. Remember, the famous quote by Lao Tzu – “Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step”.

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