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The Best Pregnancy Gag Gifts

The Best Pregnancy Gag Gifts

You were invited to a baby shower party and you keep on thinking what to give as a present to the expecting couple. Then this idea popped into your mind. You want to skip those ordinary feeding bottles, baby clothes, and all other baby stuff. In short, you want to give something that is not boring, you want to take it to the next level.

However, you have not come up with a particular item, yet. So, if you are looking for a fun yet useful items to give as a gift to the baby and the parents as well, do not miss this post out! We have heaps of gag gifts perfect for a baby shower party! We’ll make it sure that attendees, mostly the expecting parents will have a good laugh once they unfold these fun gifts. Take a look at these hilarious gifts to make the party more fun and the couple happier!

  • Dirty diaper survival set

This tool makes a great gag gift for mom and dad. The set comes with tongs, protective gloves, nose plugs, and safety goggles. You can purchase it for approximately seven dollars. This could be in perfect synch for other baby decorations as well.

  • Bacon apple teether

Teethers are patented teething toys made of silicone. They provide the perfect amount of resistance to help soothe babies sore gums. Let the babies indulge his gums and teeth on this good stuff. This bacon apple teether is BPA free, PVC free, lead-free and phthalate-free – talking about being guilt-free! It has food-safe coloring as well and food-grade silicone. Most importantly, it is a solid piece having no parts that can break-off choking hazards. Designed with safety as the highest priority, teethers meet safety regulations in the US, Europe, Australia, and Canada. Babies love them and adults love watching their baby chew on them.

  • Buff baby toy

If the parents of the baby are fitness enthusiast then this is a perfect gift! Get the baby hook on it at an early stage with a dumbbell cunningly disguised as a baby rattle. 

  • Dice for baby decision

Parenting is a tough job, and you do not always feel prepared, well parents know that. So, this gift is a good idea to lighten some tense moments by displaying how parenthood can be random. Two oversized dice are included in each pack having six sides with rounded corners. One dice is designed to distinguish if mom and dad can handle the responsibility. The other dice shows fun tasks on whether whom should perform the tasks. Is it mom or dad to finally take a rest and nap or take the baby on a bath?

  • Tricky baby pacifiers

You can snatch some baby dummies or pacifiers designed like funky teeth or luscious lips to make it appear like the baby has a wacky mouth. You can purchase this in a bulk order with assorted designs for around twenty dollars!

  • Prank gift box

You can find this hilarious gift on Amazon. One is a prank pack crib dribbler that features an interesting styled rodent baby feeding and a watering system where your real gift is inside the box. Another design perceives a child at a small pit of fire which is called My First Fire. These options can make the guests roll over the floor laughing their ass out. You can purchase this for eight dollars.

  • Nursing daddy (Homemade)

This do it yourself present made from your own home is a great idea which is ideal for small party showers where everyone is well-acquainted. This way, you can be certain that no one will get offended. To come up with this, you will need a gel bra, glue gun with glue sticks, and two caps of water bottles with nozzles. Detach the caps from the water bottles then stick them to the center of the bra’s cups using hot glue. There you already have it! You just have to present it to the expecting parents at the baby shower, this will surely make a good laugh!

  • Changing apron for dad

This fun baby shower gift for dad is fully equipped with all the stuff dad will be needing when performing the challenging task of changing the baby’s diaper. He will surely beam when he gets this kind of gift!

  • Countdown clock for pregnancy

As the due date gets closer, moms can’t help but count the remaining time before she finally delivered her little one. After a few months of popping her baby out, she will surely look back at this treasured gift.

  • Diaper vest

Let the dad-to-be know that you have something for him better than a diaper bag. This diaper vest features in different colors, for sure, dad won’t mind wearing and flaunting it.

  • Furry slippers for mom

Grab one of those funny furry slippers for mom to be. This is super comfy but can be fun to look at especially if you chose a design worth guffawing at. Mom will surely won’t forget to include this in her hospital bag.

  • Sperm bank

This one will certainly give a big laugh to each and everyone at the party. It is a piggy bank designed in the form of a true sperm!

  • “Mommy to be” sash

You will be needing a sash to be the stunningly perfect queen. This sash is a nice idea to make the baby shower more fun and especially honor the mom to be in a stylish way. Moreover, this will be a great keepsake for her pregnancy memories.

  • Humorous printed shirts

You can head your way to a printing shop and have your desired funny design come to life. As an option, you can also look for these that are ready-made in shopping centers. Go for those shirts that you believed will make the parents, grandparents and other family members crack a hearty laugh. 

  • Ear plugs for mom and dad

Anybody who spent lots of time with newborns knows that crying is part of the responsibility package. You can make your own “parent earplug” to give to the expecting parents. One way is filling a zip-top or any desired container with small stuff parents can grab and shove on their ears to get some well-deserved peace. You can add mini corks, crafted pom-poms or pencil-top erasers and do not forget to put a label on the container or bag.

  • Pee-pee teepee

This funny and adorable baby shower gift comes to be very handy when changing baby boys. Mom and dad to be won’t be having a hard time dodging their little guy’s sprinkler. As this interesting gift is practical as well, parents to be will surely fall in love with this!

Frequently, gag gifts are those things that you spy while browsing the net or shopping and they tend to instantly pop in your mind where they are in synch with the expecting parents. Just keep your eyes open for your gag gift to a baby shower, and if you have not come up with something yet, feel free to refer to the mentioned items above!

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