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The Best September names for Boys and Girls!

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The month of September where leaves start to turn bright orangey and the temperature drops moderately, it is the start of school month for many temperate and developed countries and it is also a month where we start to notice a visible reduction in the span of daylight. Longer and colder months! Nevertheless, the month of September is a great inspiring idea for a great baby name!

With that said, we’re here to present to you the best September baby names for boys and girls! It is everything related to the month of September, the autumn season, historical and mystical things about September that are just great ideas for baby names that sound majestic, stunning and just about as cool as the temperature drops by the month!

The best september baby names for boys!


Sounds more like “True-man”. It is a great name to present to your baby boy as it is highly related to the Cold-War era, the name Truman is also a name related and highly influenced by Truman Capote, a well-renowned novelist who inspired great knowledge and his great value of making his morals and integrity comes into play.


Another great magnificent September name is Blaze which is a great name that describes the fall season and the fall foliage, it is a very masculine name that denotes toughness and coolness just like the season of September. Blaze is a currently known English name that came from the French name Blaise. The modern adaptation of the French name still remains true to its accents and its trend is still as good as new!


Another great September baby name for boys is the name, Hunter!

Hunter is a proverbial English name that means “the strong and mighty or the pursuer”. This name is a mirroring word of the role of hunters and gatherers during this cold season of fall. It is a great, masculine and powerful way to name your baby boy!


If you want something opulent for a baby boy name then you can try Aurelius, this name is the Male counterpart of the name Aurelia which both means “golden”. Aurelius is also a notable term to describe the fall leaves of September which are golden or orangey in nature.

In history, Aurelius is also a popular name coincided with Marcus Aurelius, a notable namesake that was greatly admired and loved by many Roman emperors during the great era of the Roman Empire.

Aurelius also means strong in Greek and Aurelius can provide some great heroic qualities to your child such as being a brave, spirited-free, adventurous, leader-like, compassionate and magnanimous individual who is willing to take the risk.


Adam which means “coming from or of the red earth” is a great way to name your baby boy, aside from its traditional masculine feature. Adam is a known popular baby boy name that sounds handsome and attractive.

Adam is also a trendy name in English speaking countries and is known for the name due to the Adam and Eve story found in the Bible.

The best september baby names for girls!


September is very much related and linked to the beautiful darkening autumn and it is still a great beautiful name that pairs well with the September baby girls. Autumn is also a great first name to add with a particularly feminine name like Autumn Rose, Autumn Sophia or Autumn Amor. 

It is also interesting to add that the name Autumn was just a counter replacement to the season called Harvest which was just used from the 14th century downwards. The term Autumn was a newly added word that was used from the 15th century onwards.


If you are a mystical parent who believes in the power of gemstones and zodiac signs then Sapphire can be a great name for your baby girl, aside from it’s beautiful and elegant name. Sapphire is also the official birthstone of those babies born in September!

Sapphire literally means “pretty or beautiful” in Hebrew and “blue stone” in Greek language and it also denotes an elite and fresh sophisticated nature.


Aster is a great feminine name to add for your September baby girl as it is the birth flower of September, the name Aster also derives from the Greek word of the same name which means “beautiful star”.

Aster is a great name to add to your name list and you can also go for the other variations of the name Aster such as Astra, Astrum, Asteria or Asteris. It is also interesting to add that the people of Budapest started wearing the Aster flower during 1918 to symbolize their revolution against the Hungarian government.


Last but not the least of course, September doesn’t come with a blast if it’s very own zodiac sign isn’t mentioned and the name Virgo can be a magnificent and angelic name to put on your girl’s name. Virgo is a great feminine name that means “Virginal, Pure, sweet and Maiden”.

Virgo is a known astrological sign that dominates the 23rd of August to the 22nd of September. Virgo is a highly feminine and earthy sign which can stand its ground for being kind, analytical, intelligent, grounded and wise and it is also a great name to add if you want a pure true-blue September name to your baby girl.

Final notes:

Always remember that naming your baby is a hard task but a great responsibility for a parent like you and to be able to make sure your child gets the best of the name, name from your heart and always follow your gut instincts. They know what is best for your child. You can also try seeking spiritual guidance of your choosing to be able to help you pick the best name for your baby boy or baby girl and remember the Kingdom of Baby has plenty of inspiring names that will make your baby’s life amazing!

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