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Lovable Pixar Baby Names for an Upcoming Bundle of Joy

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Throughout the years, Pixar has created characters that both young and old love and if you have an upcoming baby, this selection of Pixar baby names is worth checking out.

A close look at recommended pixar baby names

Pixar not only creates some unforgettable characters, but the names can make wonderful baby names especially for parents expecting a precious one soon. Let us now take a close look at some of the recommended Pixar baby names worth considering.


As one of the recommended Pixar baby names, Arlo is the ideal choice for a baby boy that has a Spanish origin.

Throughout the years, the name has a variety of derivations, possibly a shortened version of the Italian name Carlo. In English, the name was primarily utilized by Edmund Spenser and was supposed to stem from the Celtic word “Aherlow” which stands for “between two highlands”. At present, Arlo was acceptable as a unisex name, leading to the rise of the feminine version, Arlowe.

Arlo is considered as one of the famous names of the decade since it jumped significantly in the popularity list in the United States. The name gained popularity which was inspired by the character Arlo Given in the TV show, Justified.

In the initial half of the 20th century, Arlo was considered popular since it reached rank #667 back in 1915. However, it has been experiencing a noteworthy renewal. The name is considered more popular in New Zealand and the UK.


For those who love “Finding Nemo”, this name does not need any introduction. For an upcoming baby girl, Dory can be a fitting name that has French origin which stands for “gift of God”.

This is a nickname for Dorothy which has its nostalgic charm that is worth checking. Children will correlate the name with the hilarious fish character that is voiced by Ellen DeGeneres in the Pixar animated film “Finding Nemo”.


Eve is suitable for a baby girl that has Hebrew origin which stands for “life”.

The name is considered as one of the oldest names but it is making a comeback with style in the mainstream boasting the virtues of purity and simplicity, yet with an added strength and resonance than other single-syllable names.

Although the popularity of Eve has been hampered by its striking similarity to trendy variants such as Avery, Eva, Ava, Evie, and Evelyn, it remains as one of the preferred choices by parents with its streamlined classic style.

The name is given to a robot in the Pixar film “WALL-E”. It is also present on TV, particularly in “Angel” and “Xena: Warrior Princess”.


As one of the recommended Pixar baby names, Merida is a name that is worth checking out. It has Latin origin which stands for “one who has achieved a high place of honor”.

You might have heard about the name in one of the films by Pixar which features Princess Merida. She is the first Pixar princess which strong qualities such as feistiness, independent and athletic. Merida is a medieval Scottish girl with her distinctive red hair.

The name has a Spanish origin which is a place that is found in both Span and the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico.


The name Nemo is ideal for a baby boy which has Greek origin that stands for “nobody”.

Throughout the years, the early use of the name Nemo was the captain in “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea”. At present, the name is well-known for the animated little orange fish in the “Finding Nemo”. If you want a unique yet special name, Nemo is a worthy choice.

Let’s wrap it up

When finding a special name for your upcoming bundle of joy, the selection of the recommended Pixar baby names is worth checking out. You will surely find the right one for your child.

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