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The Best Toddler Beds With Storage to Choose From

The Best Toddler Beds With Storage to Choose From

When it comes to maintaining your child’s room, it is quite difficult to ensure that it will always be neat and organized especially some do not have extra storage for other things because of the size of the room. Mothers always wanted to have a lot of storage rooms to easily hide mess up. The toddler bed with storage makes it possible to add up more storage without adding furniture. In this article, we will be assisting you to choose the best toddler bed with storage and we’ll show you what’s best in each of them.

 1. Dream On Me Toddler Bed with Storage Drawer – Black

This toddler with bed storage has a traditional, attractive, sleigh design and is made from durable solid wood that will suit whatever design your nursery is. It is set at the right height of a toddler so that they can get in and out of bed safely. It is specifically designed for toddlers because it sits near the floor to ensure that your child will not have a hard time going in and out of bed. It is equipped with two storage drawers situated just below the bed. Not only that this bed is visually appealing but it also has safety features because this is a toddler bed with rails on each side suitable for toddlers who are still training to sleep alone. This dream on me toddler bed is suitable for 18 months old up to 5 years old with a maximum weight limit of about 50 lb weight.

2. South Shore Twin Storage Bed and Bookcase Headboard

This toddler bed with storage underneath will surely make the nursery neat and tidy because of more storages on the headboard as well as beneath the bed making it functional. You can personalize its color to make sure that before availing it, the interiors will fit the design of the room. The headboard can be removed and can stand as a shelf itself and has reversible drawers. It has a weight limit of up to 250 pounds, with overall bed dimensions the  76.3 x 40.3 x 36.2 inches. It is made from non-toxic materials to ensure that it is safe for your child. 

3. Broyhill Kids Marco Island Captain’s Bed with Trundle Bed and Drawers

This is a versatile toddler bed with storage drawers that has three functionalities that can turn the under bed storage into an alternative trundle bed. This bed is made from quality and durable materials that are made to last. You don’t have to worry about space because during the day you can just turn the underneath of the bed into storage. Broyhill Marco island captain’s bed is in non-toxic finishes that make it safe for long term use. Its drawers do not only serve as storage but it adds up to the style of the bedroom. It has a total weight of 206 pounds with overall dimensions of 81 x 43.9 x 35.5 inches that will not take up too much space. 

4. Toddler Bed Kids Bed Junior Children’s Single Bed with Mattress and Underbed Drawer Included – Classic (White,180×80)

This toddler bed ensures that you will not only like it because of its functionality but because of its overall appearance. This is a practical white toddler bed with a storage drawer that is a practical choice for those who are looking for a practical but affordable full-size toddler bed. It features soft edges that are totally safe to prevent injuries. It has the ability to carry up to 120kg weight capacity so that adults can lie in the bed while accompanying the toddler to bed. It is a toddler-friendly bed that is painted with an eco-friendly paint for assurance that it will not cause suffocation and it is polished from paint that will not fade or chip easily. 

5. Hello, Home Minnie Mouse Toddler Bed with Underbed Storage, Wood, White, 

This toddler bed is a perfect bed for toddlers because it is equipped with protective features and that it is low to the ground. It also has an under bed storage drawers where you can place your child’s stuff to avoid any mess. The looks of this bed will surely excite your child because it has a Minnie mouse design that suits your little girl bed with storage functionality. They also offer unique kid’s beds, mostly with cartoon characters from their brand that will fit the likeness of your child. The use of this bed is a perfect use for toddlers who are transitioning from a crib to a big bed. It can carry up to 100kg weight capacity with overall dimensions of 142 x 77 x 63 cm. It has a strong built that can still last up to the next generations.

6. Children’s Beds Home Solid Pine Wood Single Bed – Willow comes with Drawers and Foam 

This is a versatile and spacious storage bed with a durable construction that will surely last for years. This bed is not only intended for toddlers but it can be a bed for teenagers with storage because its side barrier can be removed to look like a regular bed. It has rounded edges and is painted with non-toxic paint to ensure that it can be used for a long term safely. It has a toddler bed dimensions of 140″ x 70″ that has a maximum weight capacity of about 190 kg. This is a good find because it is made from a high-quality Pinewood that is sturdy and safe for your children.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of things to consider in choosing the best toddler bed with storage drawers. You should be able to come up with the bed that features all the qualities that you needed such as durability, level of safety, budget, construction, and design. You need to be wise in choosing what’s best for your child so as not to waste your resources but if you have the talent in designing your own DIY toddler bed ideas, that would be a better way to have a bed that is more personalized for your child.

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