The Best Way to Start: The Importance of the Golden Hour for Successful Breastfeeding

What is the importance of the golden hour for successful breastfeeding? Well, there are lots of benefits associated with the golden hour. After giving birth, nothing can beat the feeling of holding your little bundle of joy. The skin to skin moment that you two will share is one of the most memorable and unexplainable feelings in this world. Tears of happiness will surely fall in your cheeks. After delivery, every mom is looking forward to having the “golden hour” with her little one. A golden hour after birth is considered as an excellent bonding for mommy and baby. 

The best way to bond 

One of the best ways to empowered birthing is to push the concept of the golden hour. This is beneficial for both mommy and baby. We all know how labor and delivery can be an exhausting experience for both of them. That’s why it is essential to have this hour because it is considered as a great way to reduce the stress levels brought by the pain of labor and delivery. 

The importance of the golden hour for successful breastfeeding

Most of the soon to be parents are asking about what is the golden hour in breastfeeding and the importance of the golden hour for successful breastfeeding. Actually, there are lots of benefits that we can derive from the golden hour. They are as follows: 

  • The close contact that the two of you will have can make the baby feel more comfortable and at ease with you. This is also a great contributor to the emotional attachment and better interaction between the two of you. 
  • This is essential in maintaining the baby’s proper breathing and heartbeat. 
  • According to the studies, one-hour skin to skin contact with your newborn is a great contributor to prolactin’s production. Prolactin is renowned as a hormone that is responsible in ensuring the excellent secretion of milk. 
  • A golden hour after c section or normal delivery is an excellent way to encourage good breastfeeding. Golden hour can awaken the breastfeeding reflexes in your newborn. It is also considered as a unique way to improve your latching quality. 
  • Golden hour can also promote “better breastfeeding” since it is being said that the first nursing session after this moment is digested better. 

 Other benefits of golden hour

Aside from dealing with the importance of the golden hour for successful breastfeeding, it is also essential to know other perks associated with this. Here are the other benefits of the golden hour that you should know. 

  • Golden hour is considered as your uninterrupted time with your little one. This time is very peaceful, and no interruptions and the surrounding is very calming and soothing. 
  • It is not only the baby’s heart rate that becomes stable but the mommy’s heart as well. 
  • Better body temperature. Since the mother’s chest is warm, it can be a great help to keep your baby warm. 
  • An excellent way to decrease the risk of infections. You have to take note that during the golden hour, the good bacteria from the mother can transfer to the baby through the skin to skin contact. 
  • It is also said to be a great way to increase the mother’s self-esteem. Oxytocin (which is present during pregnancy up to baby is born) is a hormone that encourages the maternal instinct, which is said to be produced in larger quantities after the golden hour or skin to skin contact. 
  • The baby can feel more safe, comfortable, and protected against the separation anxiety. 

 Golden hour is considered as a magical moment for both mother and baby. After several months of waiting, you can now hold her tiny hands, and you can see her tantalizing eyes. The interrupted moment between the two of you is one of the most treasured and memorable moments you can ever have. The importance of the golden hour for successful breastfeeding is something that you can rely on during your breastfeeding journey. 

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