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The Essentials To Take With You In Your Suitcase For Motherhood

Are you packing for motherhood? Don’t forget the accessories that will help you start breastfeeding well.

Preparing Your Suitcase For Maternity

So you put on the little baby bodies, relaxing music, your toothbrush, your toiletries, and everything you need to live your stay at the maternity ward calmly. But does your suitcase also contain accessories to help you start breastfeeding? Your breasts and your baby are the main concerns, but suitable clothing and accessories can always be useful when needed. So feel free to add some of our suggestions to your suitcase. ; we wish you a great breastfeeding adventure

1.Nursing Bras:

You will need bras made in soft and comfortable material, without armatures that could hurt you, as your breasts will become more sensitive in a short time! Do not hesitate to buy a size above, as your breasts may get bigger after the milk is added. Preferably choose a model with ties that you can undo with one hand when holding your baby with the other.

“I bought breastfeeding bras that were quick to loosen, which made it easy for my baby to latch on. The Interior had a holding band that held my chest very well, and they were much more comfortable than any bra I ever tried. “Peggy – 1 child – Switzerland.

What to pack for maternity bag: nursing bras and vests

2.Nursing Pads:

During the first days of breastfeeding, the leakage of Mother’s milk is not yet problematic since the milk supply has not yet arrived. But it is always better to carry some absorbent nursing pads in case of leakage of the first milk (colostrum). Single-use nursing pads are convenient both in hospital and at home.

What to pack for maternity bag: nursing gold breast pads

3.Nursing Pajamas:

The nightgowns or pajamas you wear should be comfortable and allow easy access to your chest. Many women also like to wear a comfortable night nursing armband to sleep, to support their breasts and keep the nursing pads in place.

“I wore elastic brassieres to sleep. I could easily pull them up to breastfeed at night and they also held my nursing pads in place. “Julie – 1 child – United Kingdom.

What to pack for maternity bag: Breastfeeding nightwear

4.Breast-Feeders And Dresses:

Choose clothes that will allow your baby to feed easily and comfortably, and that will leave space for your belly after delivery and for your chest that can be large. A few skidders and dresses specially designed for breastfeeding, equipped with flaps and discreet openings, or heart covers, can facilitate breastfeeding, especially during the first days.

“Dresses and tops that are easy to use and do not require a bra are a must. I found them to be the most comfortable right after birth. “Amy – 2 children – Australia.

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What to pack for maternity bag: Nursing tops and dresses

5.Lanolin Cream:

Pain in the nipples is common during the first days of breastfeeding. Take a tube of 100% pure lanolin purlin cream to soothe and moisturize your irritated skin, can solve the small annoyances of the early days. Pure lanolin is safe and hypoallergenic. There is, therefore, no need to wipe it before breastfeeding your baby.

“The most important thing I put in my suitcase was the Pureland lanolin cream, but my friends told me that breastfeeding would become easier after the difficulties of getting started. “Katie-2 children-United Kingdom.

6.Nappe Or Breastfeeding Shawl:

You may want to add a diaper or shawl to your list if you are uncomfortable with breastfeeding when you visit. This way you can have some privacy while breastfeeding.

“For my second child, I took a cape with a notched neckline. I was much more comfortable than breastfeeding naked breasts. “Gina – 2 children – Germany.

What to pack for maternity bag: Breastfeeding cover gold apron

What Other Breastfeeding Aids Do You Need?

It may be interesting to find out if your maternity has a qualified lactation consultant on staff. If not, get the contact information of a lactation consultant or a local lactation specialist before birth to have an expert contact if you need help to start your lactation.

To avoid having to run in the stores with a newborn, it is best to obtain before birth what might help you to breastfeed at home.

A breastfeeding pad can make breastfeeding easier for your newborn and more comfortable when you return home. You may be allowed to take one to the maternity ward, but if not, there will probably be one to borrow in the nursing room.

“My first child was born by cesarean section and I found that the nursing cushions helped me to breastfeed comfortably. “Gina – 2 children – Germany.

Some moms also use hydrogel compresses to soothe the damaged nipples in the first few days, especially after the milk has gone up. And if you finally don’t need them, they can always serve you in case of light bulbs on your feet.

Maternity Suitcase: Everything For The Stay At The Maternity

For Baby:

To know the approximate number of small clothes to take with you, base yourself on the average number of days your maternity keeps its young moms, and add 2. By relying on a baby who spits a little, you’ll get the right number! You can’t really be advised to choose the cutest and most attractive outfits to showcase your newborn.

Regarding baby hygiene products, as well as diapers, they will be provided by maternity.

In detail, your maternity trousseau for baby.

For The Mother:

It is difficult to understand all the clothing tastes of all moms: some prefer loose-fitting clothes to be comfortable, others opt, as usual, for more fitting clothes. It is up to you to choose, the main thing being to please yourself during your stay at the Maternity Hospital. A word of advice: Take-Along something to make yourself beautiful. The visits come very quickly after the birth and it is always nice to hear yourself say: “but you are beautiful !”, especially since there is a lot to bet that afterward, all the compliments will go to your little wonder!

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