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The Incredible Truth About Pregnancy In Your 50s

The number of births of women over 50 has risen sharply. Yet, sometimes you wonder what is the raw story behind this rise?

Real-life mothers will talk about the happiness of finally having a baby long after it would have been impossible. Do you want the truth about pregnancy? Alright!

Gemma wrote a list of 50 things she wanted to achieve, mainly to celebrate the achievement of half a century. On top of it, it was an ambition that years ago might have looked weird: she wished to have a baby.

Therefore Gemma cuddles her 8-month-old daughter two years later, although this means that most of the other 49 ambitions have to wait, she is absolutely happy to be a mother.

The situation in Barnes is rare, but she is certainly not alone.

A study carried out by the National Bureau of Statistics has shown that the number of births by women over 50 in the last 20 years has quadrupled from 55 in 2001 to 238 in 2016.

During that era, there were 1859 births in the UK of women older than 50 and 153 of women older than 55.

More recently, actress Brigitte Nielsen, who was 54 years old when her fifth child, a girl named Frida, arrived this summer.

The American singer Janet Jackson gave birth to her child in January. She is 50 years old and the father of her son Eisa.

The Truth About Pregnancy

For Barnes, a single mother who lived in London believed that having a Baby is still possible. but, at the end of the forties, several IVF Attempts has failed , and the relationship that they had completed was “I thought I had no time to find others.

I’ll do it myself,” she says. According to the guidelines of the National Health and Excellence (nice), women over 42 years of age are not entitled to an NHS-supported support concept.

The first IVF rate with donor sperm failed.

Then began a conversation that changed everything. “I told the doctor, to be honest, what is the opportunity to give birth to a Baby my age?”And he said,” with your own eggless than 1%. But, if you find a donor when you are ready to use eggs, they will be up to about 60%. “

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“According to the decision, to continue, there were egg and sperm suppliers. Especially because I’ve made my own decision, I felt that this was a great responsibility.”

Philippa Hodgson, a 58-year-old with a four-year-old child, initially did not know if she should use an egg donation, but she realized that this would give her the best opportunity to place a Baby.

She met her husband at the age of 45, and she became pregnant with her daughter Roxanne when she uses her husband’s sperm and donor eggs.

“At first I was very shocked at the idea that we could use other women’s eggs,” she says. “I thought my child wasn’t mine.

But now she came here, I couldn’t love her anymore. 

old pregnant woman

We have reconciled with the given eggs, but we have talked to Carol. Carol is 61 years old and has 13 and 10 years old children.

The Decision:

Carol believes that your decision to use an ovum donor, is not a secret, but a private Information that violates the privacy of your child and to spread it in the world,

I’m going to Hodgson recently said that she said to her little girl: “I told her that a good woman gave me eggs because the mother could not use her own eggs.

She said: “You are my only mother.”I was shocked.

The pregnancy was a scary time for Carol. “I knew I had a miscarriage in the past, and for my age, I would have had a miscarriage where I felt there was a lot to lose – it’s like young people.

It is the first pregnancy At the end of this period, pre-eclampsia developed and both babies were born by cesarean section, and I found this experience very interesting.

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Of course, women who want it to work want to focus on the Positive. You’ve beaten all the suggestions that there might be drawbacks.

“I am no different from other mothers and baby groups. Everybody knows I’m older. Having a Baby is a great thing. Children, how to sleep, meals, There is no question about how to do it, etc., Carol knows the age. She still has children in primary school.

“My age always speaks little to an anxious person. They see me in a different way I’ve met, but those I don’t know will probably judge me negatively. “

old pregnant woman

Everyone seems to agree that it is better to know more about fertility, especially for young people and the general public. Hodgson will want to know more at school.

Nevertheless, one of the main reasons why women do not get pregnant is that most people in the twenties cannot afford the rent. Feed the family.

In 30 years’ time, the workplace will have a certain amount of pressure for advancement, and climbing the career ladder is another important factor in comparison to young mothers.

There is no guarantee that you will meet someone who would like to educate your child before you are 35 years old, but experienced Teens have birth rates.

Kamal Ahuja who’s a scientific director of the London Women’s Clinic, states that while any doctor will advise childbearing in a woman’s 20s or early 30s, the emotional, financial and social facts might be at their best.

Added to the matter that old people are living stronger; longer and with greater ambitions than usual people.

Which could mean that the trend is quite on the way to set to grow?

Ahuja predicts that medical advances will make it easier and cheaper in the upcoming years.

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