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The Best Aztec Baby Names for Boys and Girls with Meanings!

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The Best Aztec Baby Names for Boys and Girls with Meanings!

Are you looking for the best baby names on the internet? You are probably looking for great names pertaining to beautiful places in Europe or Asia or you may be finding some great names related to astrology, celestial bodies or nature itself.

Finding the right baby name can be tough and challenging especially if there are millions and billions of names out there to choose from. 

If you’re confused then why not try looking for Aztec names instead? Names related to the Aztec or Mayan civilization are wise and strong basics of baby naming. The civilization may be long gone now but they have shown their rich glory and power in many several ways that have astounded many historians and powerful people alike.

Aztec names are good sources of baby names that are unique sources of wonderful names with very deep and insightful meanings that can mold your child a strong identity that he or she will thank you for in the future! 

Before we start giving you the best Aztec baby names for boys and girls for the year 2019 let us give you a quick overview of the Aztec empire and its cultural significance and impact.

The great Aztecs are the ethnic groups found in Northern Mexico during the 16th century, they were first discovered by European explorers who were vastly looking to expand their country’s land and possessions.

In myths and, the Aztecs were the people who originated from Aztlan, which is said to be a magical and enchanted place. The Aztecs had developed a very complex civilization that astounded even the foreign conquerors.

They had a very rich cultural tradition that has spanned from centuries that is why Aztec baby names have very rich and interesting meanings because of the history of the Aztecs.

Top 3 Aztec baby names for boys


Azurin is a great baby boy name that has its roots in the long lost Aztec dialect which is similar to those of Mayan civilization in south ASoutha, Azurin means of great strength and protection which is a good baby boy name if you want your baby boy to be strong and masculine 

Azurin is also referred to as blues blue similar to the azure of the seas, it is a great first or middle name to your future baby boy!


Cuallea is another great Aztec baby name that literally means “good”. Cuallea is a great name that indicates a very good-natured and kind boy that has a lot of altruistic qualities, Cuallea is a great name if you want your baby boy to be a kind and dignified person!


Huitzilin is another top baby boy name on our list! It literally means “hummingbird” in the Aztec language and signifies a fun, positive, free-spirited and adventurous boy with heroic and masculine attitude.

Top 3 Aztec baby names for girls


Althean is a derived Aztec name of the Aztec word Altatonin which literally means the Aztec mother goddess, it also signifies great feminine strength which is compassion, loyalty, and fierceness.


Another great Aztec name for your baby girl is the name Citlalic which means the rising star or the beautiful morning star. It is a great name that has a very great feminine aspect to it, it signifies great feminine allure and beauty.


Last but the least one of the most notable names name for girls is Varanatolve which means of great allure and wisdom. This name can be directly correlated to the goddess Athena’s energy which signifies female power through tactile wisdom and feminine beauty.

If you haven’t found the right baby name for your baby boy or baby girl you can check out other articles here providing you great baby name insights!

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