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The Secret Ways to Avoid Dragging All the Kids to the Doctor’s Office

The Secret Ways to Avoid Dragging All the Kids to the Doctor's Office

There are things that kids need to do although it may sound and look terrifying for them. One of which is going to the doctor for check-ups.  

You have the kids and so is everything that you need to bring. But once the kids know that you are going to the doctor’s office, they suddenly changed their mood. They started crying and wailing. They don’t want to come with you anymore. It’s taking too long to pacify and convince them to go you are going to be late for the appointment. You ended up just dragging them just to come. It sounds stressful, right? But there are secret ways that parents can do to avoid dragging all the kids to the doctor’s office.

Prepare the kids.

There can be a lot of different ways to do this but as parents, you know what is the best effective method for your kids. If you think that your kids will feel anxious, telling them earlier will make it harder to convince them. But there are kids who need to be prepared a day or days before, so telling them earlier will help. 

Use a doctor play kit.

Before the day of the doctor’s appointment, let your child play doctor. Doctor play kits are also available online and are effective to introduce the kids to the tools that the doctors will be using on them. You can wear a stethoscope and show your kids while you are using it to a stuffed animal. You can also read them books about kids going to the doctor or play music to make the experience a little less dreadful for them. 

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Accompany your kids.

There are times that parents are not available and grandparents, aunt, and uncles are tasked to do the job. It is better if parents can accompany their kids. Set the appointment in the schedules that you are available. Remember, they’ll be coming to an unfamiliar place, with unfamiliar faces and tools and nothing more is more comforting to kids than seeing their parents or parents are there, seeing their care, love, and support. 

Get to the appointment early.

Getting to the pediatrician’s office earlier than the scheduled appointment can make your kids relaxed and be familiar with the new environment. All the rush can make the kids feel anxious. Give the kids time to play or read a book in the doctor’s office while you fill out necessary papers before the schedule.

Keep calm.

Kids can sense if their parents are feeling anxious and so they might feel anxious too. Keeping yourself calm can make the kids realize that there is nothing to be worried about. Use assuring words like “Mommy loves you,” or “It’s going to be okay,” and “This will make you healthy.” Be excited about the appointment so as to create an exciting feeling for the kids too. 

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Encourage your kids to talk. 

Let them ask questions or let them say what they feel. Guide them to answer a pediatrician’s questions. You can start it even at home by sitting with your kids telling them that both of you will make a list of what they feel or what is painful and what are you going to ask the doctor. You will just help the kids recall it on the scheduled appointment.

Brag about the kids’ appointments and give them rewards.

Let your kids hear that you feel proud of their accomplishments and share it with your friends and families. Give them special rewards, not just treats that they get every day. Explain to them that going to the doctor can make them smarter, healthier, and braver too. This all can help boost your children’s confidence.

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These are some secret ways to avoid dragging all the kids to the doctor’s office. Make the doctor’s appointment less stressful so the kids will see its importance and teach them to value their health as well. 

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